Thursday, July 7, 2016

An Analysis On The Important Role That Oil Production Has For The Islamic State

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Stratfor: A Look Inside Islamic State Oil Production


Oil production is a crucial source of income for the Islamic State. As of March, it accounted for nearly half of the group's total revenue, bringing in roughly $20 million each month. Beyond providing funds, oil refining is also a much-needed logistical boon: The Islamic State can only gain access to the refined fuel products that power vehicles and generators through smuggling or local production. Given the advantages oil production can bring, it is no surprise that the U.S.-led coalition has been trying to disrupt the jihadists' energy-related activities. But targeting the group's refineries is more difficult than one might think. Satellite imagery obtained from Stratfor's partners at AllSource Analysis helps to explain why.

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WNU Editor: Revenues from oil production is the "mother's milk" for the Islamic State .... and I still find it astounding that after scores of airstrikes and calls to shut down this operation .... it is still going strong.

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