Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Are The DNC Email Leaks Russian President Putin's Revenge Against Hillary Clinton For Comparing Him To Hitler 2 Years Ago?

NBC: Why Putin Hates Hillary Clinton

If Russia is indeed behind the damaging leak of Democratic Party emails on the eve of its national convention, it's not just because President Vladimir Putin likes Republican nominee Donald Trump and his pro-Russian views, former U.S. officials and experts tell NBC News.

It's because the former KGB operative hates Trump's Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, with such a passion that he wants to embarrass her personally and undermine - if not derail - her presidential campaign, they say.

For a Russian leader who is considered as vain as he is ruthless, Clinton's criticism long ago crossed over from the political into the personal. He carries a grudge against a woman who has publicly compared him to Hitler and expressed doubts that he has a soul.

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Update #1: Why Putin hates Hillary -- Politico
Update #2: To Democrats, Email Hack Suggests Trump Has New Supporter: Putin -- NYT

WNU Editor: I forgot about Hillary Clinton's direct interference in the last Russia Presidential campaign. I was in Moscow at the time, and many in the Russian media were angry at her for her remarks. Many political opponents of Putin were also not happy with her comments .... Russians are like Americans .... when a foreign country criticises and attacks your leader, the instinct is to then circle the wagons. But when she compared Putin to Hitler .... that really crossed the line .... Hillary Clinton Compares Russian President Putin And Russia To Hitler And The Nazis (March 5, 2014). To Russians .... that is unforgivable. On a side note .... I did mention in a post 2 years ago that her remarks on comparing Putin to Hitler will have consequences .... especially if she should become President .... Former Secretary of State Clinton Walks Back On Putin Nazi Comparison (March 6, 2014).

Wow .... even I am sometimes surprised on how accurate I can be.


Anonymous said...

Viva Mr Putin do not bow

Jay Farquharson said...


"Most of the discussion about the where and whyfor of the leak assumes it is all about Russia’s interest (assuming, of course, that this was a Russian state hack). But consider why Wikileaks might want to leak in this way and at this time.

Hillary was, of course, Secretary of State when Wikileaks leaked the State department cables and pushed aggressively for Chelsea Manning’s prosecution (as Charlie Savage wrote in a piece published just before I finished this, this is a point Assange made when he discussed the emails 6 weeks ago). She has, since then, been found to treat information claimed to be far more sensitive in careless fashion (as has the State Department generally).

Very importantly, State worked closely with DOJ as it investigated Wikileaks. There is very good reason to believe that as part of that investigation, DOJ mapped out Wikileaks’ supporters and, possibly, financial contributors — that is, precisely the kind of people, to the DNC, that Wikileaks just doxxed. That’s arguably a violation of Section 215, which includes First Amendment protections.

We also know that GCHQ was (at least as a SIGDEV research project, but those often serve to conduct surveillance that wouldn’t really fly within other legal guidelines) collecting log files of people who visit Wikileaks.

We know that under pressure from the US government, traditional funding sources stopped taking donations for Wikileaks. I’ve seen hints of some legally dubious action that my be worse, as well. In addition, in 2012, the FBI considered Bitcoin donations to Wikileaks among the many nefarious things one could do with Bitcoin."

Worth reading.

B.Poster said...

I can see why Mr.Putin would be offended at being compared to Hitler. While America has some nadty experience with Nazi Germany, it seems Russia's was much nastier and much more personal, certainly not the way to "reset" relations.

The top priority of the next POTUS needs to be to establish better relations with Russia. If Mr. Putin truly hates Hilary, this fact alone should exclude her.

So far, it appears DNC leaders conspired to get Hilary the nomination. Everyone already knew this. Leaked emails were not needed to prove this. For this matter, the RNC conspired to get it's candidate the nomination. The major parties have always done this, nothing new here.

I have predicted here and elsewhere that within 3 years Hilary will begin s see rving a VERY LENGTHY prison term and it may be sonething petty that does her in. Think O. J. Simpson. Could this be it? Probably not.

If Mr. Putin's agents did hack into the DNC email to hurt Hilary and this was all they found, there is no upside to releasing this as such things risk bringing more people behind Hilary because of a percieved foreign attack, Donald Trump has tge upperhand already and such releases are unneccessary to hell him, and any gain he might get from this is going to be miniscule at best. As such, the notion thatt Russia is involved is probably ridiculous.

You are absolutely correct that Americans don't like foreigners meddling in their political affairs. I'm sure Russians don't either. Much American interference in the affairs of other nations is blow back from this.

Btw, I've lost count of ghe number of times American officials (mostly Republicans by the Democrats and their mddia sycophants have been likened to Hitler.)

Ropestuff said...

Blaming Russia for leaking the emails is like blaming a cop for pulling you over. The same logic applies, if you don't do anything wrong, you won't get in trouble.

Jay Farquharson said...


"It is frustrating that I cannot offer foolproof advice on how to stay safe from taxpayer-funded state-sanctioned violence. You can run, or not run. Make eye contact, or avoid eye contact. Assert civil rights, or be submissive. There simply is no rule on how to stay alive when you interact with the police. And that is a problem."


"US police killed or injured an estimated 55, 400 people during legal stop and search incidents and arrests in 2012, reveals research published online in the journal Injury Prevention."

Studies based on the US Bureau of Statistic's database, (2014) show that of people in the US arrested, 34% are never charged and 13% are found not guilty at trial. 11% of those charged and convicted are later found not guilty. That's a total of 57% of those arrested, who eere "doing nothing wrong".

The study also found that only 11% of the "false arrests" were removed from Government databases, and those arrest records had significant impacts, through their showing up in background checks.

Ropestuff said...

Yes, there are some very bad cops out there, no argument there. There are bad people in every corner of civilization. The point was, if you get popped for doing 73 in a 55, you can't blame the cop. When you screw over the democratic process and tell your party that you don't give a rat's butt what they think about who should be elected, and some hacker finds proof of the plot, a person would be a jackass if they blamed the hacker for exposing their crimes, just as a person would be a jackass for blaming a cop for catching him speeding.

Jay Farquharson said...

I understood that point, but:

>>logic applies, if you don't do anything wrong, you won't get in trouble.<<

That part's not true.

The old hominies no longer apply, ( if they ever did).

If you are for example, you are a Bankster, you can launder drug money for violent cartels, steal peoples homes, engage in massive fraud, and have "nothing to fear".

If you are poor, in the "wrong areas", just driving lawfully to work and breaking no laws Can ruin your life forever.