Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Are Turkey's Military Bases Safe For U.S. And Western Forces?

Inside Story: Are Turkey's military bases safe after the failed coup?

Several high-ranking officials from the Incirlik airbase were arrested over alleged involvement in the failed coup.

The Turkish government says it has regained control of the country and the army after Friday's failed coup. But its effects are still being felt in the region and beyond.

Turkey is a long-time ally of the United States and an important member of NATO. And the impact of the attempted coup was felt almost immediately by the US military when Turkey cancelled its air operations at the Incirlik airbase.

It's located just over 100 kilometres from the Syrian border. And is used by US forces to launch air strikes against ISIL in Syria.

Those flights resumed by Sunday. But the attempted coup has raised bigger questions about the security of that base - which the US uses to keep some of its nuclear arsenal.

Should Turkey's allies and NATO be worried?

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WNU editor: I found it astounding that the electricity is still being cut-off to the Incirlik Air base .... Incirlik Air Base: Post-Coup Power Cut Remains at U.S. Site (NBC). Even though the U.S. is being told to not be worried .... Turkish defense chief assures Pentagon it will remain 'committed' to ISIS fight (The Hill). If this continues .... this power cut-off is certainly not a good sign. On a side note .... I am willing to bet that the plans on what needs to be done to remove U.S. nuclear weapons from Turkey have been "dusted-off".

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RRH said...

Word on street in Syria is the Americans shot down a bunch of the Army's helicopters. Syrians I know say the U.S. is fronting Erdogan and talk otherwise is B.S. They believe Washington backs the Erdo-Islamists.

Aizino Smith said...

Obama backing Islamists? Very believable.

Is it not traitorous to deliver F-16s and A1 Abrams to the MB in Egypt but deny F-16s to Sisi's governemnt.

Is it not traitorous to embargo Nigeria with its Muslim president and thereby help Boko Haram?

Is Obama not a traitor?

Jay Farquharson said...

I alway's find it suprising that American's who have absolutely no idea how the US Government System works, are still allowed to vote.

The House and Senate, starting in 1975, set up the rules and regulations under which the Pentagon can export aid, and the Senate Arms Export Commitee can approve arms sales.

The Pentagon decided that exporting arms to Nigeria at the time, was exactly the same thing as arming Boko Haram.

The Senate Commitee negated the F-16 sale to Egypt, because the rules say you can't sell arms to an unpopular Military Dictatorship with a horrible human rights history.

Jay Farquharson said...

WNU Editor,

Inclirk is a Turkish Airbase, ( the US get's to share use under Turkish assent), and it is the airbase center to the Coup attempt.

Ergodan apparently is still afraid of another Military Coup, keeping the power off and the base isolated, while an irritant to US OIR Air Operations, will have a much greater effect in insuring that the TAF units at Inclirk cannot take part in a follow on Coup.

RRH said...

Blogger Jay Farquharson said...
"I alway's find it suprising that American's who have absolutely no idea how the US Government System works, are still allowed to vote."

Whaddya mean??!

I thought that was the whole point!!