Friday, July 1, 2016

Canada To Deploy Troops To Latvia For New NATO Brigade To Deter Russian Aggression

Canadian troops take part in a joint exercise with Polish troops not far from Ukraine's western border earlier this year. More Canadian troops will be deployed to join a NATO force the region, the government will announce today. (CBC)

CBC: Canada to send troops to Latvia for new NATO brigade

Trudeau government agrees to NATO troop deployment in Eastern Europe

The Trudeau government has decided it will send troops to join a NATO high-readiness brigade preparing to deploy in Eastern Europe.

Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan says Canada will take a leadership role and establish one of the battle group formations requested by the alliance.

The impending dispatch of forces builds on the former Conservative government's placement of troops in Eastern Europe for training exercises and to reassure governments in the region that western nations were serious about holding Russian expansionism in check.

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WNU Editor: This announcement comes on the heels of President Obama's visit to Canada and his "chiding" that Canada should contribute more to the NATO mission. And while the decision to send these soldiers was probably made a long time ago .... the timing of the U.S. President saying we should do this .... and Canada then doing it a day later .... makes me feel (as a Canadian) that our foreign policy may be not that independent as we would like to think it is. As to the mission itself .... the Baltic nations are already a part of NATO .... any Russian invasion would mean a state of war would then exist in Europe. Sending 1,000 Canadian troops to the Baltics would only mean that 1,000 prisoners of war will need to be exchanged when hostilities are over .... that is if nuclear weapons are not exchanged in the onslaught (which is probably what will happen anyway).

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Anonymous said...

This was allowed under our "superhero" anti war pacifist Prime Minister. Hmmmm..,? Considering he stopped Canadian military bombings against ISIS, this seems to be out of character. How do you feel about this WNU? Looks like the weak West is attempting to look unified against Putin. This is becoming a clown show and could result in a World War!

Bob Huntley said...

Oh, oh no, Canada?

Stephen Davenport said...

As usual you overestimate the tactics, capabilities and resources the Russian military have. They just do not have it, The Ukrainians mop the floor with them and somehow they are going to crush any of the NATO countries? Putin Fanboy much.

Anonymous said...

Mop the floor? You must be drinking ha ha.

RRH said...

Mop the floor huh?

One word,