Monday, July 25, 2016

Did Canada Just Cancel Its Super Hornet Jet Buy From Boeing Because Of Pressure From Lockheed Martin?

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Sputnik: Canada Ditches Super Hornet After Threats to Buy F-35 or Lose 10,000 Jobs

Lockheed Martin pointed an economic weapon of mass disruption at Ottawa and it appears that Justin Trudeau has blinked caving to the defense contractor’s threats.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau rose to power last fall on a pledge not to purchase the defective F-35, an aircraft that he has said “does not work,” is too expensive, and is wholly incompatible with Canada’s defense needs pushing his country instead to move towards a deal to acquire Boeing’s Super Hornet – a fighter jet with greater air maneuverability allowing it advanced performance in air-to-air combat.

That promise crashed along the shores of political reality this week as Canada reneged from its earlier proposal to acquire Boeing Super Hornet jets on an interim basis to plug the country’s air defense capability gap after Lockheed Martin threatened to pull all of its operations out of the country which would result in a massive layoff of some 10,000 employees and potentially bankrupt portions of Canada’s defense sector that benefits from the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program.

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WNU Editor: I first heard about this last week .... Canada Casts Wide Net in Search for Fighter-Jet Replacements (Defense News). I have a good contact in the Canadian government who is responsible for the F-35 file .... I asked her on what is happening, and she (yes she is a she) did not want to talk to me about it. No news yet on this story from any Canadian media source.


RRH said...

The Chinese do things because they are visionary.

The Americans do things because they are insane.

The Germans do things because they are brilliant.

The Russians do things because they are cunning.

The Canadians do things because they are stupid.

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Canada had the choice to adopt French Culture , American Ingenuity and British Politics, But Canada Chose French Politics, British Ingenuity and American Culture. The Great Canadian Joke.

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