Friday, July 29, 2016

Donald Trump And The Mainstream Media

Jonah Goldberg, NRO: How the Media’s History of Smearing Republicans Now Helps Trump

Decades of smearing decent Republican candidates leaves them without credibility on Trump’s demagoguery. Dear Mainstream Media and Democrats: It’s your turn. Now that Donald Trump has been formally nominated, the formal responsibility to stop him passes from the Right to the Left, from Republicans to Democrats and the journalists who amplify their values.

You’re going to find it a very tough slog. And it’s your own damn fault.

During the primaries, the task of exposing the true nature of the Trump takeover fell disproportionately to a few conservative magazines, columnists, renegade radio hosts, and behind-the-scenes activists. We all failed. There will be plenty of time for recriminations and “we happy few” speeches later. (If you detect a note of bitterness on my part, I’m not being clear enough: I contain symphonies of bitterness.)

We failed in part because the mainstream media were having too good of a time to help. Last spring, Stop Trump operatives told me they brought damning stories to mainstream outlets. The response was usually: “We’re not interested in covering that — right now.”

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WNU Editor: NRO is not a fan of Donald Trump .... but even they have noticed the obvious .... the main stream media's hatred of Donald Trump may end up helping him. What I find interesting is how ....after months of negative press, tens of millions of dollars spent by the Democrat party and Super Pacs in just the past few months to paint Donald Trump as someone who is unstable and unsuitable for the Oval Office .... coupled with deep divisions within the Republican Party .... he leads in the tracking polls.  But this is the dilemma that the Hillary camp has in this campaign ..... Hillary Clinton is a known quantity, and her negatives are not going to change. Praising and lifting her up is not going to work .... so the other option is to go all out negative on Donald Trump .... but that is not working so far. As to what is my take on Hillary Clinton's speech .... she could have done better .... and painting her as someone who is warm and cuddly is not the approach that I would have used. She is hard-core and tough as nails when she wants to be .... and people do respond positively to that .... but her handlers obviously have a different point of view.


Anonymous said...

The media bias is even more blatant this year, more than ever before it seeems

Jay Farquharson said...

Goldberg has spent decades accusing the MSM of being "liberal" and sending his readers to Faux News and dark corners of the Conservative Media,

And now, he want's the "liberul" media to take down Trump, a political reaction he helped create?

Bob Huntley said...

Trump is not just a loose canon but someone who is proud of it and trying hard to increase his reputation. I believe that it is that loose canon quality that has inspired his followers and most likely has terrorized the political establishment, both parties to the core.

There is a fear that he might blurt out some Top Secret information he heard at a briefing. Maybe some of that stuff deserves to be blurted out but I believe the politicians are already imagining him giving a televised State of the Union address that goes like this:

'blah, blah ..... oh and as everyone knows that bill I pushed to provide adequate care to our veterans was defeated. It was close and would have passed had the following four elected members who were paid to opposes it by (???? whoever) had not voted against it. Republican Senators so and so and Democratic Senators so and so.'

I have no doubt he just might do something like that whether he could prove it or not and the establishment politicians are scared $hitless that he will. That might be a good thing for the country.

War News Updates Editor said...

You are correct about Goldberg Jay ... the convolutions that the elites in the Republican Party are going through right now is a sight to see. Pat Buchanan was the first to predict this Republican civil war about 20 years ago .... and we are seeing it now. If Donald Trump is going to lose .... this will be one of the many reasons.

TWN said...

In Canada the CBC and CTV looks like the Liberal party propaganda arms,in the States they're amazing slanted and have been for years,how they never seem to bring up the Clinton corruption is beyond me, they defend those two and have been for years.People are much smarter, than inbred so called leaders give them credit, they know Bull Shit when they see it, and they are getting splattered with it right now and are not impressed. I think Trump will win, the people at this point see hope in Trump, they just see more of the same with Clinton, read the comments on any article on Yahoo or any where else.

Jay Farquharson said...

Of the people running away fast and hard from Trump, many of them worked long and hard to build the reactionary movement that has brought to power.

"Dogwhistle" Goldberg is shocked, shocked I tell you that the "dogwhistles" have been replaced by overt calls in public.

RRH said...

"Of the people running away fast and hard from Trump, many of them worked long and hard to build the reactionary movement that has brought to power."

Much like the people who are hollering up and down about Islamic Terrorism these days are the same who worked long and hard to cultivate, enlist, run cover for, and play(?) dumb about it.

Just sayin'.

Jay Farquharson said...

Yup, but it's funny watching all the people who created the Trump Wing of the Party, but hoped it would be quieter, a little more in control of their anger and racism, and better dressed,

Running away.

It's funny. When the Reformicon's infiltrated the Conservative Party, 30 some years ago, it was pretty clear where it was going to go, which is why I remain a Red Tory and will be to the day I die.

RRH said...


now the Teabag Monster is on the loose and about to get the nuclear football in its clutches.

Regards our very own Teabaggers,

You mark my words Jay, they'll be crying "western separatism" before the next election. There will be a Byfield revival, firewall, and Eastern bastard talk before it's all over. They'll be especially encouraged by an AstroTurf victory in the U.S. Kenney is already mouth farting about "sovereignty".

Sometimes the army needs to be sent in. Too bad it's overall loyalty to Canada is not a given.

jimbrown said...

Trump is precisely what the US needs right now: an outsider who will bring down the bureaucrats and chrony capitalists. He has big plans for what troubles Americans. His sincere patriotism extends to his finger too. HRC is only interested in how much much more corrupt she can be through acquisition of ultimate power.

jimbrown said...
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jimbrown said...

Sadly trump does not jonah s conservative profile. The old voters + new voters are greater than him and his like. They have produced do nothing candidates and congress people who brought our debt to 20T. Trump is the only one who can take on HRC and bring the spending down.

jimbrown said...

Sadly trump does not jonah s conservative profile. The old voters + new voters are greater than him and his like. They have produced do nothing candidates and congress people who brought our debt to 20T. Trump is the only one who can take on HRC and bring the spending down.

Young Communist said...

Every day is more like the rise of Berlusconi in Italy.

Hate campaign on someone often cause a reversal psychological effect on electorate.

Jay Farquharson said...

Kenney's not going to make any headway in Alberta, his "outreach" and calls for unity with Wild Rose were so ham handed, elitist and insulting, it will be a miracle if he lasts a year, before he's tarred and feathered, and dumped at the border.

I hope it's the Saskatchewan border, or the US border, not the BC border.

RRH said...

I hope you're right.

If he makes it my way, it's straight to Detroit.

That, as they say, will be that.

B.Poster said...

JB: I hope you're right. Since he is going to be the next POTUS all of us should hope and pray he gets it right.

Jay: Thank you for sharing the fact check link. I learned much by following it and reading it. Thank you so much for providing links.:-) When time permits I try to follow them. On it's surface, "I guess so" with regards to support for the Iraq war is devestating. After all going to war is the hardest and most sober minded decision a nation state makes. To flippantly dismiss this reeks of unseriousness.

I was wondering why the democrats haven't released this. Having read this in it's entirety reveals for the most part the utter brilliance of Donald Trump. As such, it's easy to understand why such comments will never be dusted off to see the light of day ever again as to do so would undermine Mrs. Clinton.

What I think happened is Mr. Trump wasn't prepared for the question. He answered as best he could. A better response might have been "I don't know. I'll get back with you." Of course Mr. Trump in his arrogance cannot do such a thing.

The bottom line is he will be the next POTUS. All of us need to understand this and act accordingly.

It's been said that Americans do the right thing eventually. While Mr. Trump was NOT and is NOT my first choice for POTUS, Republicans chose as tneir representative that which has a chance of beating Hilliary. None of the other candidates could have done so.

A Trump presidency is inevitable and cannot be prevented. As such, all interested stakeholders need to act accordingly. Under POTUS Trump US foreign and domesti. Policy will change significantly. Prayerfully and hopefully for the better.

War News Updates Editor said...

Kenny is one the reasons why many have left the Conservative party. Say one thing ....then do something else. Are the Conservatives in Alberta stupid enough to put him in .... yup.

I disagree with you Jay on the Reform party infiltrating the PCs. Mulroney's out of control spending and the introduction of the GST destroyed the Conservative Party .... two seats in the 1993 election (2 seats too many in my books), and they never recovered from that. In the end .... their voters went to the Reform party, and the rest is history.

A Red Tory. Wow .... I thought dinosaurs were extinct. :)

Jay Farquharson said...

Joe Clark was "my boy".

As CPC Registrar for BC, I got to watch a bunch of US Republican War Criminals give "lectures" on how to move the CPC to the right on Social issues and pick up the "Talibangist" vote.

The shift started to happen before Molrouny, when the Bay Street Boys, ( bitter enemies to Red Tories) started to take over the Party with their ( now epic fail) neoliberal economics.

Yup, I'm a dinosour, and surprisingly, dinosaur Politic's are back in favour, there just isn't a political party in Canada with a velociraptor agenda.