Thursday, July 28, 2016

Drones Are Now Being Used To Great Effect By America's Competitors And Adversaries

National Interest: Drone Wars: Defeating the Unmanned Threat Will Require A Firestorm Of Energy

The results of the next Offset Strategy are beginning to appear on the world’s battlefields. Unfortunately, it is not the U.S. military that is deploying these capabilities. Instead it is our competitors and adversaries that are exploiting the revolution in unmanned aerial systems or drones to great effect. After action reports out of eastern Ukraine document how the Russian military and their proxy fighters have employed drones to locate concentrations of opposing Ukrainian forces and, in particular, their headquarters and then provide precision target locations for massed indirect fires. Iran has been sending drones, some allegedly based on U.S. systems that fell into Teheran’s hands, across Syria and over Israel’s northern territories. Even more ominous, Islamic terrorist groups such as ISIS, Hezbollah and Hamas are beginning to deploy drones in quantities. The U.S. and its Coalition allies no longer have sole use of the air domain. Drones provide our adversaries with the ability to conduct aerial ISR, mission command, targeting and even precision strike -- all capabilities that were, until recently, solely the province of wealthy militaries.

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WNU Editor: This was expected. Drones are becoming cheap to buy .... and the attachments and peripherals that can be added makes these aerial platforms deadly on the battlefield.

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