Thursday, July 14, 2016

Editor's Note

My neighbourhood has just been hit with a tornado (at least that is what the media is saying). I did not see the funnel, but the rain that fell down was something that I only seen once in my life, and that was a F1 hurricane in Florida 20 or so years ago. A lot of branches and debris everywhere, and popped windows for some of my neighbours. Electricity is out but the phone lines are working. I am operating on my own generator right now. I am going to help my neighbours now. Will return to blogging when I can.

Update 14:30 EST: A lot of branches and two of neighbours lost some of their windows .... it just look more worse than what it is.. I still have no power, but I have a back-up battery for my computers. Returning to blogging right now.


rjbrash said...

A lot of times, the funnel can be rain-wrapped, making the thung damn near invisible. You may have experienced straight line winds instead of a tornado. That system pounded us in minnesota a few days ago and we had both. Take care.

Ruben Acosta said...

Stay safe

War News Updates Editor said...

I think you are right rjbrash. The local media are saying otherwise, but they were not here.