Friday, July 1, 2016

Fragile States Index

Business Insider: The world's 25 most fragile states

The Fund for Peace has released its annual ranking of the world's least-stable countries, now known as the Fragile State Index. The rankings are based on 12 metrics, including access to public services, the prevalence of refugees and internally displaced people, human-rights conditions, and the legitimacy of the state.

Scandinavian countries round out the bottom of the ranking as the least fragile nations. Amazingly, Syria — which has entered its sixth year of civil war — isn't the most fragile state in the world, according to the survey.

Here are the countries Fund for Peace says are the most fragile in the world:

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Update: Fragile States index (Foreign Policy)

WNU Editor: The Fund For Peace report is here.


Aizino Smith said...

Sweden is a more fragile state than the utopians at Fund for Peace admit

B.Poster said...

I think you may be right Aizino. The Utopians who write these reports love Sweden. As such, Sweden gets favorable press. This also suggests that Sweden knows how to work within the media to convey the message it wishes to.

In contrast, America is quite bad at this. We should take notes from the Swedes and try and learn.