Wednesday, July 13, 2016

FSB Graduates Celebrate By Posting A Video That Is Getting Everyone Else Upset

CNN: Geliki joyride puts Russian FSB grads in spotlight

(CNN)If you drive the mean streets of Moscow you no doubt know enough to watch out for the hulking, boxy, menacing Mercedes-Benz G-Klasse SUVs, the luxury cross-country "Geländewagen" that Russians have nicknamed "geliki."

They're usually driven by bodyguards employed by the capital's rich, famous and politically connected. They're also the favorite vehicle of the mafia. (Check out YouTube to see video of them ramming other cars and creating mayhem as they speed around the city.)

But, it turns out, there are other geliki aficionados, and a new video of their boisterous joy ride around Moscow has exploded on the Russian Internet.

It started June 21, when new graduates of the FSB academy (the FSB is the successor agency to the KGB) climbed into 28 gleaming black Mercedes G-Klasse geliki and hit the road, two and three vehicles abreast, horns blaring. They videotape their gleeful ride and posted it on the Internet, showing the young male graduates laughing and cheering like frat boys, giving thumbs up through open windows and the roof hatch.

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WNU Editor: I like the Mercedes-Benz G-Klasse SUV .... one of my cousins drives a version of it, and I certainly wish I had one. But this FSB video showing graduates celebrating .... while avoiding traffic regulations that would put anyone else in jail (or heavy fines) .... is a little too much. Imagine if CIA and FBI graduates did the same thing around the Capital building in Washington .... well .... you get the picture .... it won't fly.


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But if it was a Bush or a Clinton, no problem.

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