Sunday, July 24, 2016

Growing Concerns That U.S. Nuclear Weapons In Turkey Are Not Secure

South China Morning Post: Coup attempt in Turkey raises a nuclear concern at US air base

Incirlik Air Base was an operational centre of the attempted coup. It is also America’s largest foreign stockpile of nuclear weapons.

A little more than 100 miles from the territory held by Islamic State, there is a little piece of Americana. It has an eight-lane swimming pool, a baseball diamond and housing tracts built on carefully manicured cul-de-sacs.

The Incirlik Air Force Base in Turkey has some other American assets: several dozen B61 thermonuclear warheads.

The base has been a linchpin in Nato’s southern flank for more than half a century, the staging ground for US anti-terrorism missions and the fight against Islamic State.

But the failed military coup against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has increased long-standing concerns about the military usefulness and security of the Incirlik armoury, America’s largest foreign stockpile of nuclear weapons.

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WNU Editor: It is troubling that the same base that the U.S. uses in Turkey to store its nuclear weapons was also the base that was central to the coup attempt last week. And the fact that U.S. authorities were unaware of this plot .... President Obama Denies Reports That The U.S. Had Advance Knowledge Of Turkey Coup (July 23, 2016) .... makes it even more worrisome. You do not keep nuclear weapons in an unstable country .... and Turkey is definitely not a stable country right now.


RRH said...

Some might say the U.S. is not the most stable country in the world right now either.

Young Communist said...

U:S: authorities may be unaware of this plot, but is impossible that NATO do not know anything about.