Thursday, July 7, 2016

Has President Obama's 'Emotional Attachment' To The Muslim World Hurt The U.S.?

Daily Mail: Bill O'Reilly shares photos of Barack Obama in traditional Muslim dress he claims are from half-brother Malik's wedding saying they prove his 'deep emotional ties to Islam'

* Bill O'Reilly released images of President Barack Obama claiming they were from the Muslim wedding of his half brother Malik
* President Obama was Malik's best man at his first wedding in 1981 and Malik served as his best man when he married Michelle
* O'Reilly claims the photos were taken in Maryland in the early 1990s
* Fox News host said the pictures prove President Obama has 'deep emotional ties to Islam' and is not a 'devout Christian'
* O'Reilly claims this has 'hurt the USA' because Obama has failed to combat ISIS which he calls the 'Obama administration's greatest failure'
* A similar set of photos featuring President Obama in the same dress were shared by Malik in 2004 and previously published on

Bill O'Reilly shared photos of Barack Obama in traditional Islamic dress on his program Wednesday night claiming they were from his half-brother Malik's wedding.

The Fox News host said it was 'very difficult' to verify the exact location of the photographs - a similar set of which were first released back in 2004 by Malik and previously published on - but claimed they were taken in Maryland in the early 1990s.

'According to his half-sister, Barack Obama attended his half-brother's wedding in the early 1990s. Malik Obama was a Muslim,' said O'Reilly.

'The Factor has obtained pictures allegedly from that wedding, which we believe was held in Maryland.'

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WNU Editor: This type of  argument is not helpful when it comes to criticising and/or analysing President Obama's actions. Does President Obama have an emotional attachment to Islam .... I would not be surprised if he does .... but has this impacted U.S. foreign and military policy against Islamic terror groups .... I do not see it. What I do see (and have seen for 8 years) is a reluctant President who does not want an expanded military role for the U.S. in trouble spots like the Middle East and Afghanistan .... a position that is (by the way) overwhelming supported by the American people. Has this been a smart strategy .... in hindsight I would have to say probably not (even though I did .... and still do .... support this policy). But I am open for a debate, and the debate that we should have is ... should we be involved in the Middle East and in the wars that are tearing apart the Muslim community, and if yes what is the strategy for victory. Unfortunately .... a strategy for victory has not been articulated.... but what I do see is a policy to keep the status quo and give the problem to the next President.

On a side note .... wow ... according to this Daily Mail post President Obama's half-brother has 12 wives. In my experience having one girl friend is more than enough .... but 12 wives!!!! I cannot even contemplate that.

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