Thursday, July 7, 2016

How Our Dependence On Technology Can Start World War III

Nick Bilton, Vanity Fair: Are We At The Start Of A Tech World War?

It’s a battle unlike any we’ve ever seen before.

During this past year, various theories have been posited to suggest that our current political mood might foretell a reckoning so dark that it could eventually spiral into a veritable international crisis—some terrifying World War III doomsday scenario. Some of these hypotheses have been undeniably hysterical, for sure. But others have been remarkably, even eerily, sober. And now, with a world on edge, they have gone mainstream.

In the weeks preceding the Brexit vote, outgoing prime minister David Cameron admonished listeners that the United Kingdom’s divorce from the European Union could cause instability in the region that might indeed lead to a significant geopolitical conflict. Various members of the media echoed this sentiment, and offered up a theory that other countries might subsequently exit the E.U. (Sweden, Holland, Hungary, and Greece are on the short list to try to walk first), potentially setting off a battle of influence between Russia and the United States, a Cold War 2.0.

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WNU Editor: I am sceptical on many of the authors assertions in this post .... and conclusions. But he is raising a valid point .... technology has completely changed our world ... for better and worse.

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