Thursday, July 7, 2016

Lawyers Vow To Use The 'Clinton Deal' To Help Other Careless Security-Clearance Holders Get A Pass

FILE: Marine reservist Jason Brezler, left, is pictured with Afghan police chief and alleged child abuser Sarwar Jan, whom Brezler warned his fellow Marines about before one of Jan's alleged victim's fatally shot three Marines. (Courtesy of Brezler family)

U.S. News and World Report: Attorneys Intend to Ask for 'the Clinton Deal'

Will other careless security-clearance holders get a pass? Time will tell.

Attorneys for people who allegedly mishandled classified information say the outcome of the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton could be good news for their clients.

Though many see a double standard in FBI Director James Comey’s decision not to recommend charges against the former secretary of state who used a personal and unsecured email system for official business, others see possibilities.

Mark Zaid, a defense attorney for national security whistleblowers and people accused of mishandling secrets, says he plans to ask for “the Clinton deal” in the future.

And Zaid says he probably can get it.

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WNU Editor: The FBI Director is claiming that it came to Hillary Clinton, he has not re-written the statute when it comes to these type of cases (i.e. carelessly handling top-secret documents) .... but listening to the lawyers, it is clear that in their eyes he has. Bottom line .... judges are now going to be put under pressure to rule on similar cases in the same manner that the FBI has ruled on Hillary Clinton.

On a side note .... Bryan H. Nishimura probably wished his case was being heard now .... This U.S. Navy Reservist Was Charged And Convicted For Doing Exactly The Same Thing That Hillary Clinton Did (But Was Not Charged) (July 6, 2016). Doubly so for Marine Reserves Major Jason Brezler .... Hero Marine Nailed for Secret Email: What Did He Do That Hillary Didn’t? (Daily Beast).

Update: Clinton email decision seen as lifeline for those facing similar charges (McClatchy News)

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