Friday, July 15, 2016

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- July 15, 2016

Reuters: Shovels and old planes: As North Korea pursues the bomb, its military wanes

Like many in North Korea's army of 1.2 million, Eom Yeong-nam spent more time holding the wooden handle of a shovel than a Kalashnikov rifle during his years in the 501 Construction Brigade.

"Except for basic military training two to three months a year, we worked on building apartments or concrete structures for nine to ten months," said Eom, who served 10 years in the army before defecting to the South in 2010, a year before Kim Jong Un assumed power in isolated North Korea.

The young leader has since expanded the use of so-called "soldier-builders", fuelling a construction boom as many of North Korea's Soviet-era conventional weapons become outmoded.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- July 15, 2016

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New head of Canada's Army from Breton, Alberta -- CBC

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Military Warns Against Nuclear Policy Change -- Washington American

Former top-ranking CIA officer: Obama has failed to defend U.S. -- Politico

US Navy Sailor Gets 30-Month Sentence for Okinawa Rape -- AP

Navy punishes four sailors who were detained by Iran -- Navy Times

NSA Boss Says U.S. Cyber Troops Are Nearly Ready -- NPR

Here’s What We Know About the NSA’s Elite Hacking Squad -- Motherboard

McCain Pushes Apple, Google On Encryption Standards in Cyber Hearing -- USNI News

Pentagon’s invention factory reveals key to success: 4-year ‘expiration date’ for staff -- Washington Times

To Fight a Virus, Get a Virus: Military Bets on Mutant Pathogen -- Bloomberg

Tech Hates Trump. What Does That Mean For the Pentagon? -- Patrick Tucker, Defense One

Pentagon Can Account For ‘Very Little’ Of Its Yearly $600B Budget Thanks To Its ‘Broken Accounting System’ -- Ethan Barton, Daily Caller

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