Saturday, July 9, 2016

Millennials Conitnue To Show An Interest In Joining The U.S. Military

Military Times: The Pentagon keeps data on millennials. This is what it says

Young Americans continue to show steady interest in military service despite the improved economy and fading sense of patriotic duty that can be traced directly to 9/11, according to an analysis of Defense Department data conducted by Military Times.

In fact, internal Pentagon polls that track public opinion among the military’s target demographics — young men, in particular — show that today’s so-called millennial generation is not much different than its predecessors.

“What attracts even the millennials to military service are still largely the same reasons that attracted Generation X and the Baby Boomers to military service,” Stephanie Miller, the Pentagon’s director of accessions policy, said in an interview earlier this year. “It is things like education, the opportunity to travel, the opportunity to be part of a team, and meaningful work. It is those attractive points that are still relevant today as they were 50 years ago.”

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WNU Editor: More signs of a civilian-military divide ....

.... In the 1990s, almost half of young Americans had parents with some military experience. Today that has dropped to about 15 percent, Miller said.

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