Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Pentagon Opens Formal Investigation Into Deadly July Airstrike In Syria

A video screen grab shows a July 11, 2016, precision air strike near Manbij, Syria, that targeted Islamic State fighters. DEFENSE DEPARTMENT

The Guardian: US military opens formal investigation into deadly July airstrike in Syria

Strike in the village of Tokkhar is considered the deadliest coalition attack on civilians in a two-year war against Isis, and the death toll remains under dispute

The US military has opened a formal investigation into a 19 July airstrike in northern Syria that local and outside observers consider the deadliest coalition attack on civilians in its two-year war against the Islamic State militant group.

The strike, in the village of Tokkhar, took place during a grueling battle for Manbij, a strategically critical Syrian city, that is now in its third month.

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Update #1: Pentagon launches formal investigation into airstrike in Syria that killed civilians (Stars and Stripes).
Update #2: US-led coalition probing alleged civilian deaths in Syria air raids: Official (AFP)

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WNU Editor: I suspect that the final report .... if done properly and fairly .... will not be pretty.


Stephen Davenport said...

Don't care if civilians got care, we worry to much about that. Last I saw its a warzone, people die in warzones, that's a fact. It's this wringing of hands and bullshit from these so called activist groups that make wars last longer and kill more. Pols fall for it every time. Far as I am concerned kill them all.

Jay Farquharson said...

What a pussy,

It's nice to know that a Foreign Force can slaughter your entire family, and you will take a non-apolgy and two goats as a "fair" exchange.

B.Poster said...

I agree it will not be "pretty" if done properly. If done properly, the investigation will reveal the strike was justified, civilian casualties either didn't happen or were greatly overstated, and high ranking Islamic terrorist were killed.

This is not what the government wants. The goal here is to hang military personnel no matter what. As such, this is not going to be a proper investigation.

Jay Farquharson said...

Guess you havn't been following US Military investigations since roughly '73.