Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Poll: 2/3 Of Russians View The U.S. As A Threat

Russian President Vladimir Putin, left, and President of the United States of America Barack Obama (RIA Novosti/Michael Klimentyev) / RIA Novosti

Moscow Times: Number of Russians Viewing U.S. as Threat Hits 10-Year Low – Poll

The number of Russians who view the United States as a threat to other countries has hit its lowest level in a decade, a survey by the independent Levada Center found Tuesday.

Sixty-nine percent of 1,600 respondents labelled the United States as a threat, down from 77 in February 2015.

Relations between the United States and Moscow deteriorated in 2014 following the annexation of Crimea and the resulting economic sanctions against Russia by Western nations.

Levada Center sociologist Natalya Zorkaya told The Moscow Times that anti-American feeling had calmed since the height of the Ukraine Crisis, with Washington and the Kremlin now cooperating more closely over the conflict in Syria.

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WNU Editor: If given the opportunity .... most of these Russians would immigrate to the U.S. for a better life. This is a soft 69% .... at least for now.


Anonymous said...

"If given the opportunity .... most of these Russians would immigrate to the U.S. for a better life. This is a soft 69% .... at least for now."

If that's true, they must not be paying attention, because the material conditions of life for a growing number of Americans are getting worse, a process that has been accelerating under Obama. They would be better off looking to China, which has lifted more people out of poverty than the entire population of the United States.

War News Updates Editor said...

I agree Anon. Perception is the reality .... and life in the U.S. is hard. In my own case I had a choice after the Soviet broke apart .... stay in Russia or go to the U.S.. So I choose Canada. :)

B.Poster said...

"If given the opportunity....most of these Russians would immigrate to the US for a better life." As pointed out by anon and WNU above there is an obvious misconception here on just what life is like in the US. I had wanted to point this out when the first post first appeared by duties did not permit the time to do so.

This misconception on just what life is like in the US is quite dangerous as it leads to things like envy, hatred, and a sense that the US somehow owes foreigners something and can "pick up the tab" when such beliefs aren't warranted. Furthermore it leads some to believe that life is a certain way here and when they find out it is not could lead to disappointment and further hatred of the United States.


China probably is a better model on how to run an economy than the US. With it's industrial might it is a fearsome force that should put fear into the hearts of anyone who would want to challenge it and the industrial capacity has likely lifted many people out of poverty, however, not being from China nor knowing anyone from there it would be hard to say for certain.


If given a choice between the US, Canada, or Russia and you were not going to remain in your home country of Russia, I can see why you chose Canada. Canadians on average have a better quality of life, are wealthier, healthier, more secure, and happier than Americans. Americans generally look upon Canada with envy wishing our country could be more it.

RRH said...


I love Canada and there are many great things about it. Living there, however, is very expensive with inflated property values, high utility costs (Ontario is just awful), and it costs a bundle for groceries. People, in general, are not as friendly, or polite, as the propaganda repeats. Racism, especially in rural Canada,is quite prevalent. And it's friggin cold or wet, or both, in most of the country most of the time.

A lot of immigrants I know who come from warmer/drier climes, complain about the weather constantly. The bugs in a large part of Canada are atrocious as well.

As for the politics...

the bugs are a close second worse.

War News Updates Editor said...

You hit a sensitive nerve on Ontario Hydro rates.
I have a big house, freezer, two fridges, large hot water tank, computers galore. Etc. etc. My Quebec bill for every two months .... about $130/two months. (I heat using oil)

The GF in Ontario .... careful with everything .... small water tank, fridge, no freezer, no A/C, uses a pellet stove and fireplace during winter .... her cost is $450/month.

Jay Farquharson said...

Summer starts in July with the Blackflies, then the no-see-ums, then the mosquito's, then the deer flies, then the horseflies, then the elk flies then the snow flies.

War News Updates Editor said...

I know how you feel Jay. The deer flies .... I had to once literally run for my life because of them. Calling it a swarm does not even come close to describing it. And mosquitoes .... groan. That is why I love dragon flies .... when they show-up, the little critters are gone soon after.

Great video. I can relate.

RRH said...

Yup Editor, the rates are ridiculous. My Wife and I have often discussed moving to the country and a bigger house with more ammenities. Once the discussion turned to the increased bills/expenses, (and how getting an upgraded homeis no way to entice the kids to move out) how modest home in a small city seemed just fine.

Canada is a great place if you can get off the grid, keep the size of your family under control, have no allergies or bug phobia and are willing to take vitamin D supplements most of the year.
It's barely bearable if the Conservatives in power.

As for the Russians,
if they pine for America (or Canada) it's because they are swallowing the image, not the reality. That is a threat in itself.

RRH said...

God... I hate blackflies.