Thursday, July 21, 2016

Recent U.S. Airstrikes Have Killed Scores of Syrian Civilians. Where Are The Protests In Front Of The White House?

Charles Davis, Daily Beast: The Anti-Imperialism of Fools

As U.S. warplanes are accused of killing almost 200, the left, which normally deplores such events, hasn’t said a word.

Bombed and besieged by their own government for going on six years, their hospitals targeted by cruise missiles and explosive-filled barrels while foreign extremists exploit the chaos and despair of a revolution crushed to occupy once liberated land—whenever it seems things can’t get any worse for the people of Syria that perception is invariably followed by a new horror, be it a child beheaded by rebels or the Syrian regime starving to death children in rebel-held towns.

But somehow, someway, the news from Syria invariably manages to get worse, for those not yet fatigued by the routine of atrocity.
“It’s the worst week we’ve ever tracked,” Chris Woods, director of the monitoring group Airwars, told The Daily Beast. He was referring to a threat that emerged nearly two years ago: U.S. airstrikes, aimed at the Islamic State and Jabhat al-Nusra, al-Qaida’s Syrian affiliate, but exacting a deadly toll on those stuck between ostensibly religious and ostensibly secular extremists.

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WNU Editor: The media and the pundit class has also been derelict in covering this story. Would the same treatment be happening if there was another President in the White House .... my gut says no.

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