Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Syrian Monitor Group: U.S. Coalition Air-Strikes Kill 56 Civilians In Islamic state-Held Syrian City

Arab and Kurdish fighters, backed by the US, launched an offensive against ISIL to retake the city of Manbij late last month [Reuters]

BBC: Syria conflict: 'Dozens of civilians killed' in US-led strikes near Manbij

At least 56 civilians have died in US-led coalition air strikes near the Islamic State stronghold of Manbij in north Syria, opposition monitors say.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said residents had been fleeing the village of Tokhar when they were hit.

An opposition activist network said 90 had died in Tokhar and nearby Hoshriya.

There was no immediate comment from the coalition, which has been providing air support for the Kurdish-led offensive to drive IS militants out of Manbij.

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