Thursday, July 28, 2016

Syria's Al-Nusra Front Announces Split From Al Qaeda

BBC: Syrian Nusra Front announces split from al-Qaeda

Syrian jihadist group Jabhat al-Nusra, also known as the Nusra Front, has announced it has split from al-Qaeda.

Leader Abu Mohammed al-Julani, in his first recorded message, said its new name would be Jabhat Fateh al-Sham [Front for the Conquest of Syria].

He said the move was intended to remove the pretext used by powers, including the US and Russia, to bomb Syrians.

The US responded by saying it saw no reason to change its view of the group as a terrorist organisation.

The US state department said the announcement could be just a rebranding exercise.

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RRH said...


mlacix said...

RRH: This news have a bit more value than just whatever.

RRH said...

Whatever, as in, these people are Islamofascist terrorists no matter who they claim to be affiliated with. Now their heads are rightfully on the chopping block so they figure they'll appeal to their nod nod wink wink backers with this transparent dodge.



Hama Rules.

phill said...

One step closer to Allah.

Jay Farquharson said...

RRH said...

Thanks Jay.

Like I said,


mlacix said...

Well let's see into this namechange. You say it's does not matter, like it does not change a thing. For sure, for you it will not change a lot, but that not apply on others. You will think about them the same as you did before, just as they will remain the same people as they were before, and in that case you are right.

But Al-Nusra's main focus is on Syria, and for them your opinion will not matter. Yes some could say that this attempt is for put AN to a more "moderate-rebel" view, so to get out from the "terrorist" label which it had because of their behavior and for their links to AQ, but I doubt that this was even a short term goal for them. All those who pay attention to this conflict will remember for them, but for like 6 months for now, the unresponsible news agencies could call them whatever they like, such as moderate rebels, and freedom fighters. This already happened in this conflict many times before, even if not with AN but with other groups. Russia, Iran and US already labelled their new version (Jabhat Fateh al-Sham) as terrorist so there will be no change in that.

AN and AQ playing a safe and smart game in Syria. They are the least exhausted figthing side in Syria. Sure they lost a lot, and they fighting capacity was never the highest among the sides, but they slowly built up a nice hearthland on Idlib countryside. They were the key for like every major rebel offensive on the North, just because they organised the thing well enough. Rebels were always lack the unity in Syria, and AN just take advanatge on the situation and made the best out of it, even if a unification still not yet happened. But the losses they suffered since the Russian intervention started, the loosing of Latakia, loosing the North Aleppo route to Turkey, Aleppo became fully encircled, and Kurds actively take fight against rebels around Aleppo, this just all add up now (not even mentioning the events on for. politics, the coup attempt in Turkey, and now Turkey lean toward cooperation with Russia, US supply focus tend toward SDF and the upcoming US election, increase of anti-islam all over Europe, and so on, are not helping the remained rebels and AN to get more support). Aleppo is one of the last remained "original" home of the rebels (the other is Daraa on the South), and by loosing the city would have large impact. So far they belive in to break the SAA siege, and I heard rebels have already pulled out forces from the Latakia frontline for a combined offensive toward Aleppo.

And here come the separation from AQ. The remained rebels in Northern Syria mostly tend to extremism, yet they still shattered among many groups. Now that AN is not AQ by name, yet still have it's support, there is their kinda last chance to unify and turn the war around. Even if I doubt they could turn things around, but more unity could be achived, but their situation is still bad. Their only luck is that they still have Idlib, and SAA have really not many option in taking this province. SAA have no realistic chances to take the town of Jish-al-Shugul or to fight on the hills of Southern Idlib, no matter if the offensive would came from the South or trough the Al-Ghaab, and for SAA reinforcments locations an attack from the East would also be pointless, SAA would only endanger themself with such move. So remain the Aleppo Front (from starting points of the last South-Aleppo SAA offensive's foothold, and the areas up until the town of Nubl), and so that's why rebels reinforced the Aleppo frontline.

And while the fightings going on, and looses will increase, all remained rebels need to take side, to choose die as shattered or try to win on the side of AN. However this does not mean the end of "moderated-rebels" in Syria, SDF and so on. Yet your whatever is your whatever, ignoring the ground there is up to you. But if there will be more unification among rebels on the North, or things like that , than your whatever was just bagatelle.

War News Updates Editor said...

Thankyou for your analysis mlacix