Thursday, July 28, 2016

The CIA And The NSA Are Laughing At The Democrat Party As The Wikileaks Scandal Grows

Marc A. Thiessen, Washington Post: The Democrats’ well-deserved WikiLeaks blowback

Over at the CIA and the National Security Agency headquarters, they must be really enjoying watching Democrats in Philadelphia squirm over WikiLeaks’s exposure of tens of thousands of internal Democratic Party emails. There’s a word for what is happening in the intelligence community:


Throughout the entirety of the Obama administration, nothing was done as WikiLeaks damaged our national security with its serial leaks of highly classified intelligence documents.

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WNU Editor: I disagree with Marc A. Thiessen's claim that nothing was done to stop Wikileaks .... actually a lot was done. Much of Wikileaks funding and donation network was disrupted .... and I can only imagine the threats that were directed at those who work and volunteer at Wikileaks. And in many ways what Wikileaks founder Assange is doing right now is blow-back against the Democrat Party (who after-all have been in power for 8 years) and their efforts to shut him and his organisation down. As to the CIA and NSA laughing at the Democrat Party .... they must be in stitches.

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Jay Farquharson said...

Wikileaks predates Obama.

It's a "natural" push back against the National Security State that has shredded the Consitution.

Had either party embraced "openess" and transparency, they would have been "big winners", but instead, both parties like 1984 as a How To manual, more than they like the Constitution.