Friday, July 1, 2016

The Islamic State Just Got More U.S. Weapons

Photo credit: YouTube

Foreign Policy: The Islamic State Just Got Their Hands on More U.S. Weapons

The Islamic State beat back an assault on Wednesday by U.S.-backed Syrian rebels who tried to retake a critical border crossing with Iraq. It wasn’t just a rare battlefield win for the militants: it also allowed them to get their hands on crates of American ammunition, U.S. mortars, a Toyota Hilux pickup adapted to carry a heavy machine gun, and new body armor.

ISIS publicized its war spoils in a video released Wednesday that also showed machine guns and M-16 rifles that most likely originated in the United States, as well as at least 2,000 rounds of ammunition that definitively came from American manufacturers, according to N.R. Jenzen-Jones, the director of specialist technical intelligence consultancy Armament Research Services, or ARES.

Further evidence of the U.S.-origin of this equipment appears in the form of a large moving box made by Unicorr, a Connecticut-based packaging company. It did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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WNU Editor: You have to wonder on how did 100 ISIS fighters (give or take) defeat a large contingent of U.S. backed Syrian rebels with U.S. air support coupled with Iraqi operations on the other side .... while capturing U.S. backed rebels and their equipment at the same time. There is more to this story than what they are telling us.


Hans Persson said...

Fear and panic, combined with no discipline, is a powerful weapon.

B.Poster said...

ISIS is a VERY capable fighting force. The "more to this story than what they are telling us" is generally American and "allied" capabilities are vastly overestimated while the capabilities of American adversaries are generally greatly underestimated. They have yet to "tell us" just how strong and capable a fighting force ISIS really is.

Fear and panic combined with poor discipline would definitely create problems. In the US the top priorities right now are advancing the positions of LGBT and "climate change." Not nearly enough time and resources are spent properly training a capable military force. In the area of training, US "allies" do not seem to be much better.

TWN said...

Looks like the stalwart allies of are playing both sides of the street, shocked, not. We have morons in charge.