Thursday, July 28, 2016

The U.S. Military Is Now Using Unmanned Vehicles To Patrol Bases

Popular Science: The U.S. Military Is Patrolling Djibouti With Robot Golf Carts

A simple machine in the works for 30 years.

At the best of times, military patrol duty is equally boring and important. Physically being in a place reminds others that the military is there, armed and ready to take action. It’s a good way to watch a lot of space for signs of hostile activity, but it also commits a lot of people to the work of patrolling, and puts them at risk. What if, in many situations, a robot could do the actual driving around and watching part of patrolling, and armed troops could travel quickly into the danger when it arose?

Meet MDARS, or the Mobile Detection Assessment and Response System.

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WNU Editor: It took 30 years to have a golf cart with cameras on top .... OK ....

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