Tuesday, July 5, 2016

This is What It Is Like to Be Hit By An Artillery Barrage

Daily Mail: Experience for yourself what it is like to be hit by an artillery barrage: Finnish military place cameras around targets to show what happens as shells explode around you

* Dramatic military footage demonstrates the power of an artillery barrage
* The video shows targets being repeatedly pounded by powerful cannons
* Film was shot by cameras tucked away in bunkers in Rovajärvi, Lapland

Dramatic video has been released to demonstrate the power of an artillery barrage - with cameras placed just yards away from targets.

The Finnish Army filmed its troops blasting artillery cannons into the remote countryside in Rovajärvi, Lapland.

Cameras tucked away in bunkers capture the moment a wave of shells hit home, obliterating their targets in a cloud of smoke.

Footage shows rocks and dirt flying through the air as the cannons pound the earth in a series of loud explosions.

The video was shot as part of a firing exercise.

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WNU Editor: This reminds me of one of my father's World War II stories. He was an artillery officer, but the closest that he ever got killed from was friendly fire when a Russian Katyusha-rocket unit fired at his unit thinking that he was the enemy. He was wounded, but most of his men were killed because they could not make it in time to the bunker.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of artillery I was watching this video which I'm guessing is the SAA approaching Raqqa from the south. I sure wish there was a translation to this (WNU not like you have enough on your plate already :-)... crazy war correspondent for sure.


Jay Farquharson said...

At the bottom of many You Tube video's, there is a text box, that either auto-enables english subtitles, or an english voice over.