Sunday, July 17, 2016

Turkish Generals Who Led The Coup Are Facing Charges Of Treason And The Death Penalty

General Erdal Ozturk, right, pictured here in Washington in October 2014 has been arrested and is facing charges of treason for his leading role in coup against Turkish president Recep Erdogan

Daily Sabah: Commanders of the 2nd and 3rd army arrested, charged for 'treason' after failed coup

Some of the prominent figures in the Turkish military who tried to stage a coup against the Turkish government were charged with treason and arrested bu courts on Saturday.

Second Army Commander General Adem Huduti was detained in Malatya province while Lieutenant General Erdal Öztürk, the commander of the Third Army, was arrested in Bursa, İnegöl after the failed coup attempt.

General Adem Huduti is the most senior officer to be apprehended so far following the attempted intervention that killed more than 160 people. The Second Army, based in Malatya, protects Turkey's borders with Syria, Iraq and Iran.

An official said Öztürk was involved in the coup plot., he was the head of the Third Army Corps, which is based in Istanbul.

So far at least 1,563 army personnel have been detained, including 5 generals and 29 colonels.

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