Monday, July 18, 2016

Tweet For Today


RRH said...

Wonder what this is all about?

TWN said...

I think it's reflection of the wider society, anyone that follows US politics knows what scum bags the Clinton's are{You have to include Billy the Rapist it's package deal} and the alternative is Donald Trump a self promoter in the tradition of PT Barnum.

fred lapides said...

and twn reflects this distain too. but one or the other will be the next president, no matter what.

B.Poster said...

I'm not sure why the military would by in large think of Mr. Trump as a total loser. This may be because their commanding officers told them what to think and none of them have had the time to actually watch the candidates in action or to listen to what they are saying. After all they are very, very busy!!

Mr. Trump held a fund raiser for veterans during the last presidential debate in Iowa effectively costing him the delegates that would have come from winning Iowa. In effect, he placed the welfare of veterans ahead of winning the Presidential election. This hardly seems like the mark of a total loser.


In order to be successful in most any endeavor especially business one has to be able to "self promote." You see in order to get anyone to buy from you, sell to you when supplies are limited and there are others wanting what you need, invest in you, work with you, etc. one has to "self promote" to a large degree. In the case of Mr. Trump, he does not have the backing of either big media, big donors, or the bureaucracy. As such, the need to self promote his candidacy and his ideas are paramount. It seems most Americans understand the need to self promote and appreciate that he seems to be very, very good at this.

While I'm not sure the reference to PT Barnum, PT Barnum was a very successful circus. Part of Mr. Trump's wealth is from the entertainment business. In order to be good at this sort of thing, one has to be able to read those they are trying to reach. What do they need? What do they want? How are they feeling? How can I help them? In contrasts politicians such as the Obamas, the Clintons, the Bushes etc. tend to be tone deaf to the needs of those they are trying to reach.

If they implication by the PT Barnum remark was to imply non seriousness, very respectfully this seems in error. The issues Mr. Trump has discussed such as the needs for border security including the wall, the need to renegotiate much of our current trade deals, the need to consider renegotiating much of our defense deals including NATO, suggesting we should try and work with Russia, etc. all are very serious issues that, in some cases, others had to bring up because they were shamed by Mr. Trump to do so. Essentially, this seems like a very serious candidate.

Whether he will make a good POTUS is not known at this time. What does seem clear is he will be the next POTUS. About the only things able to stop him at this point would be not having enough money or organization to mount a viable campaign but I do have full confidence that this will be resolved and if anti-Trump forces are counting on this to stop him they will be disappointed. Also, the RNC may try and sabotage him but such attempts are unlikely to be successful.

Bottom line: get ready for a Trump presidency. Anyone wishing o deal with the United States should operate under this assumption.