Friday, July 8, 2016

U.S. And South Korea Agree To Deploy THAAD Missile Defense System

Voice of America: US, South Korea to Deploy Controversial THAAD Missile Defense

SEOUL — The U.S. and South Korea have announced plans to deploy the Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense - THAAD - on the Korean peninsula to counter North Korea’s ongoing nuclear and ballistic missile development programs.

General Thomas Vandal, the chief of staff for U.S. Forces in Korea, and South Korea’s Deputy Minister of Defense Ryu Je-seung made the formal announcement during a joint briefing in Seoul Friday.

“North Korea’s continued development of ballistic missiles and weapons of mass destruction, in opposition to its commitments to the international community, require our alliance to ensure that we retain the ability defend ourselves in the face of this threat,” said Gen. Vandal.

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