Thursday, July 28, 2016

What Happens If China Declares An Air Defense Zone In The South China Sea?

Ralph Jennings, Forbes: What Happens If China Declares An Air Defense Zone Over The Disputed South China Sea

No one’s saying this will happen, but no one says it won’t, either. Beijing is widely believed to be considering an air defense identification zone over the South China Sea, a body of water it contests with five other Asian governments. That kind of zone, often abbreviated to ADIZ, normally lets the country in charge require that planes from outside give notice they’re passing through. To protect their security, countries with the zones might also intercept and investigate aircraft they distrust. China declares nearly the whole 3.5-million-square-km (1.4-million-square-mile) sea, so a zone might cover it all despite obvious opposition from rival claimants such as Vietnam and the Philippines. And it would give China more control over the skies to complement its militarization in the resource-rich sea itself and reclamation of some 2,900 acres (1,170 hectares) of land, per estimates last year.

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WNU Editor: Declaring an Air Defense Zone is going to raise tensions .... enforcing it will make the entire situation explode.


Jay Farquharson said...

Yes, and no.

After 9/11, the US declared an ADF far beyond any treaties or conventions.

fazman said...

Justifiably so

Bob Huntley said...

Overreaction considering how the attack played out especially noting the paucity of air power inland at the time.