Wednesday, July 6, 2016

What's My Take On The FBI Decision To Not Indict Hillary Clinton On How She Used Her Private Email Server

WNU Editor: When I first starting posting this story .... 2 or 3 years ago .... I felt that Hillary Clinton was in trouble. I have posted more than enough stories over the years on intelligence officials who mishandling of sensitive documents (with no ill intent) .... and who were then faced with the full might of the U.S. government that usually resulted in prosecution and jail time. I thought the same may happen here .... but as we now know it did not. The reason why is simple .... as the story evolved .... Hillary Clinton's case became political .... doubly so when she announced that she was going to run for the Presidency. It then became an exercise on how she was going to handle it .... and more to the point .... how the FBI and the Justice Department were going to proceed. As I had mentioned in a post last week .... when reports that she was going to be interviewed by the FBI were leaked out .... and after Bill Clinton met with the Attorney General on an airport tarmac .... I said that there was no way a Democrat administration was going to indict a Democrat Presidential nominee .... it was just not going to happen. That is why I was not surprised by the statement from the FBI Director that he was not going to proceed with the investigation ....using the convenient excuse that there was "no intent" on the part of Hillary Clinton to break the law. "No intent" .... "I had no intention of speeding officer" .... let's see how far that goes when you get pulled over by the police. But while she has escaped prosecution .... it has damaged her politically. The FBI ripped apart her cover story and her explanations on why she had a private server in the first place .... the question that needs to be answered is ....will the voters remember on election day in November.

So what are my final thoughts .... it is easy to blame/accuse/and vilify Hillary Clinton/Democrats for what happened today .... just as it easy for the opposite side to blame/accuse/and vilify Republicans for what they have done in the past when they were in power. But this ignores what is to me the bigger story .... and that is how the U.S. political system and the media that covers them has become utterly corrupt. It is astounding to me that in just one generation  the political elites in the U.S. have taken over the political process to not only enrich themselves, but to protect each other regardless of their party affiliation ... and to levels that were incomprehensible to even contemplate in the 1990s. I am not a fan of Donald Trump .... but he more than anyone else in this election cycle has highlighted how corrupt the system has become .... and he should know .... he exploited the system to protect his business interests and to grow.

As to what will be the impact from all of this negative news on the U.S. Presidential election cycle .... I must confess that I am not sure. In any normal election we would not have the Republican establishment go after their Presidential nominee in the manner that they have with Donald Trump .... even having Republican Speaker Paul Ryan accuse Donald Trump on Tuesday of being anti-Semitic (while ignoring the fact that it was Donald Trump who pushed Palm Beach clubs to admit Jews and Blacks in the 1990s). But while Donald Trump is in trouble with the Republican Party, all is not rosy for the Democrats either. Even though the Democrat establishment is united, there are still many Bernie Sanders supporters who are not happy. On top of that .... Hillary Clinton is not an inspiring candidate .... far from it .... and she carries a lot of baggage that i am sure that many American voters do not want to endure for the next 4 years.

My prediction .... even though Donald Trump is getting better on the campaign trail .... the establishment is 100% against him .... a troublesome development because he needs them to win. Hillary Clinton has the support of the establishment .... and more to the point .... their money. With this FBI investigation now over, this has become her election to lose.


Jay Farquharson said...

It's not one generation,

Go's back to Hoover, Eisenhower, Nixon, Carter, Reagan,

The Bomber Gap,
The Missile Gap,
Nixon's sabotage of the '68 Peace Talks,
The October Surprise.

Just look at Gen. Colin Powell's career.

War News Updates Editor said...

I am talking about my/our generation Jay which is 50 years plus .... and I am talking about people in positions of power who are now enriching themselves to levels that were incomprehensible to even think about .... and to then move heaven and earth to protect what they have. When it comes to making huge amounts of money by using their contacts to enrich themselves .... Nixon is a piker when compared to the Clintons or Al Gore.

War News Updates Editor said...

I should also add that Democrats are not the only guilty ones. How did someone like former Republcian House speaker Dennis Hastert amass millions of dollars on his government pay baffles the imagination.

Jay Farquharson said...

Col. Colin Powell twice investgated Mai Lai, and found "nothing". He quickly made General, the Head of the JCOS.

Nixon , in '68, after being the first Presidential Cantidate to be given National Security Briefings, cut a deal with South Vietnam to sabotage the Peace Talks, to defeat the Democrat's in the '68 election.

Since Eisenhower ( Dulles, Bombergap, Operation Paperclip), in the US, knowing where the "bodies" are buried, has been a major path to success.

All that's really changed since Eisenhower's day is the inequality. We now live in a New Guilded Age.

In Eisenhower's day, CEO's averaged a salary 4x that of their employee's and were taxed at over 90%. Now they make 368x their employee's and at best, pay 15%.

Instead of making a few million for knowing where the bodies are buried, you can now make hundreds of millions.

TWN said...

Hubert Humphrey said in the 1968 campaign" you don't have corruption on the bottom with out corruption on the top", he was right, the Old Beast Clinton is just a reflection of a whole corrupt society, from the welfare mom to Bill Gates to Trump to the kid at the corner store, giving his friend a free /stolen bag of chips, to the carpenter that discounts the job hide the income from the tax man.

Matthew Dupuis said...

Gary Johnson for President!

B/Poster said...

After this blatant miscarriage of justice, Mr. Trump may not even need the Republican establishment to win. In fact, the establishment may be a liability and, as such, NOT having their support may be the best. The Clintons appear to have gone to far here and barring a complete change in course for them have destroyed themselves with this act.

As I had said a few months ago, Mr. Trump will be the next POTUS. All nations wishing to interact with the United States need to understand this, it cannot be prevented, and if they can assist him in anyway it may be helpful for them. In any event, opposition to him is likely to be futile.

By these actions Mrs. Clinton may have handed him the election on a gold platter. Time will tell if this prediction is correct. While I did properly predict BREXIT, that is no guarantee that this prediction will be correct but will admit if I turn out to be wrong. Also, depending upon how things transpire in the next few months predictions can be altered.

B.Poster said...

MD: While Gary Johnson may be optimal, very respectfully it is not going to happen. It is either going to be Trump, Clinton, or in the VERY UNIKELY event the Democrats choose someone else whomever they choose as their nominee.

At this point, it appears to me it is going to be Trump. If I'm a foreign leader wanting to work with the United States, this is my assumption and I'm probably exploring options on how I can assist the inevitable next POTUS.

Please note, for the record, Mr. Trump was NOT my first choice and I do have SIGNIFICANT reservations about him. As such, nothing here should be construed as an endorsement for him.