Sunday, July 17, 2016

Who Will Have The Most Powerful Army In 2030?

US army soldiers patrol as they conduct an ambush drill as part of the Filipino-US joint military exercises inside a Philippine army camp in Fort Magsaysay, Nueva Ecija, north of Manila (Reuters/Romeo Ranoco) / Reuters

Robert Farley, National Interest: The 5 Most Powerful Armies in 2030

The focus of ground combat operations has shifted dramatically since the end of the Cold War. Relatively few operations now involve the defeat of a technologically and doctrinally similar force, leading to the conquest or liberation of territory. Preparation for these operations remains important, but ground combat branches also have a host of other priorities, some (including counter-insurgency and policing) harkening back to the origins of the modern military organization.

What will the balance of ground combat power look like in 2030, presumably after the Wars on Terror and the Wars of Russian Reconsolidation (more to come on this idea below) shake out?

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WNU Editor: China will probably have the world's most army by 2030. Sheer numbers, an industrial base, coupled with access to technology (legal or not) from other nations will make it a force to reckon. What they do not have is experience and a military culture that has been tested by war.

Update: Japan wants to join this list .... Will Japan Become The Next Big Military Superpower? (Daily Caller).

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Jac said...

Well, we already have a bad time for knowing what tomorrow will be. 2030...