Saturday, July 16, 2016

Why Does The CIA Keep A Team Of Clairvoyants

Cameron Evers, The Week/War Is Boring: The CIA has a team of clairvoyants

If the CIA had a crystal ball, then they would probably not be routinely blindsided by world events. Lacking such a device, the agency has endured notable analytical failures. During the early 1990s, sudden collapses of Somalia, Zaire, Rwanda, and the Soviet Union seemingly appeared without warning.

Strategic surprises have always been a problem for intelligence agencies. The material impossibility of having eyes everywhere requires making judgments without seeing a complete picture, let alone the future. Assessing the likeliness of future rare political events has had dubious reliability.

Thus, in 1994, the CIA's Directorate of Intelligence commissioned the Political Instability Task Force (PITF), formerly known as the State Failure Task Force, a clairvoyant-esque squad of social-scientist brainiacs charged with churning global political data into global instability forecasts.

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WNU Editor: And I thought the Soviet Union was the only one who invested heavily in this fringe science .... clearly not.

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TWN said...

Just goes to show how loony everything is. Were in such trouble.