Friday, July 1, 2016

World News Briefs -- July 1, 2016

Daily Mail: Bangladeshi police prepare to storm restaurant where Islamist terrorists are holding 20 hostages - including foreigners - after shooting two officers dead in Dhaka

* Up to nine gunmen entered, opened fire and hurled makeshift bombs
* Gunmen armed with 'pistols, swords and bombs', according to a witness
* Worker who escaped reported gunmen shouted 'Allahu Akbar' as they fired
* ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack launched on the restaurant
* Several foreigners are among those held hostage inside, said police chief
* Two police officers who were injured in attack have been declared dead

Police are preparing to storm a restaurant in Bangladeshi capital Dhaka where Islamist gunmen connected with ISIS are holding around 20 hostages after they shot two officers dead in a shoot-out.

As many as nine gunmen entered the Holey Artisan restaurant and opened fire, unleashing at least 50 shots and hurling makeshift bombs.

The attackers are holding around 20 people hostage at gunpoint, including foreigners and reportedly children, inside the Spanish restaurant in the upmarket Gulshan area.

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Syria rebels retake key town in western coastal province: monitor, rebels.

Russia and Turkey to 'coordinate' Syria policy.

30,000 Syrian children 'starving' on Jordan border.

UN hopes for political transition in Syria by August.

Assad: If West wants to help refugees, don't support rebels.

Coalition forces kill two senior ISIS military commanders in Iraq.

U.N. expects residents to start returning to Falluja by August.

UNICEF finds 3.6 million children at risk from increasing violence in Iraq.

Thousands rally in Iran on al-Quds day.

Iran sacks bank chiefs amid uproar over high salaries.

Mideast mediators questions Israel's commitment to 2 states. Israel and Palestinians: Powers warn of 'perpetual conflict'.

Israel vows more settlements amid West Bank violence.


Dhaka attack: two police officers killed and seven Italians among hostages. ISIS claims responsibility for Dhaka attack and hostage standoff. ISIS claims responsiblity after attackers seize hostages in attack on Bangladesh restaurant.

Australia votes in federal election. Australia could soon elect 5th prime minister in 3 years. Australian voters head to the polls in election cliffhanger.

Pakistan warns of 'blowback' from moving too fast against militants.

China celebrates Communist Party's 95th birthday, Xi warns on graft, security.

Vietnamese scoff at bike-ban plan as motorcycles engulf capital.

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte tells people to 'go ahead and kill' drug addicts.

Myanmar human rights group 'forced' to cancel launch of report on army torture.

Tens of thousands at HK protest amid bookseller's safety fears.


Three killed as Libya forces close on central Sirte against Islamic State.

Four ministers resign from Libya's U.N.-backed government: statement.

Amnesty reports horrific refugee abuse stories in Libya.

Islamist attack on buses in Kenya leaves six dead, al-Shabaab claims responsibility.

UN: African Union must investigate Eritrean crimes.

Eritrea denies perpetrating crimes against humanity.

Children in Boko Haram-hit northeast Nigeria face death from hunger unless aid arrives soon: U.N..

Protesters demand South African state TV end news blackout.


Austrian presidential election result overturned and must be held again. Australians head to the polls in tight election contest.

Brexit: Tensions emerge over UK-EU trade negotiations.

Brexit cannot be cancelled or delayed, says Fran├žois Hollande.

Nicolas Sarkozy's political comeback finally gaining traction, poll suggests, with surge in party member support.

U.S. says sanctions on Russia caused “marginal” damage on EU economies.

Putin: Russia to respond if Finland joins NATO.

A record 2,900 migrants have died trying to cross the Mediterranean in first half of 2016 'but that won't deter more trying'.

Italy's biggest Chinese community clashes with police near Florence.


Hillary Clinton scheduled to meet with FBI on Saturday.

Clinton sought secret info on EU bailout plans as son-in-law's doomed hedge fund gambled on Greece.

US Attorney general wishes she hadn't met with Bill Clinton.

Most Brazilians unhappy with interim president: poll.

Murders in El Salvador drop by half in June.

Pro-ISIS twitter account threatens attacks at London Heathrow, Los Angeles and New York's JFK airports on July 4 weekend.

FBI seeking to prevent disclosure of information about Orlando shooting.

Americans will spend $800 million on fireworks this Fourth of July.

Thousands gather on Parliament Hill for Canada Day celebrations.


US says up to 116 civilians killed in counterterror strikes.

Islamic State exporting terror despite losses in Iraq.

US State Department officially designates al Qaeda in South Asia as a terrorist group.

New ISIS video shows boy soldiers executing Afghan Army soldiers.

Al Qaeda leader threatens ‘gravest consequences’ if Boston Marathon Bomber executed, reports say.

UN officials call for global consensus, preventive approach to combat terrorism and violent extremism.


European factories bounce as Asia struggles, but Brexit poses threats.

Apple fires back at Spotify over music streaming claims.

BMW and Intel plan robot car production.

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