Wednesday, July 27, 2016

World News Briefs -- July 27, 2016 (Evening Edition)

CNN: Pope on priest killing: World is at war, but it's not a religious one

St.-Etienne-du-Rouvray, France (CNN)Pope Francis said Wednesday that "the world is at war" as he addressed the slaying of a Catholic priest by radical Islamists in France, but he stressed it was not a war of religion.

The killing of the priest -- by two attackers who struck in the name of ISIS -- is the latest terror atrocity to roil Europe in recent weeks.

On Wednesday ISIS' media wing, Amaq, posted a video on the Telegram messaging app that showed the two attackers pledging allegiance to the terror group.

Speaking on the papal plane en route to Krakow, Poland, for World Youth Day celebrations, Francis said the world had been in "a piecemeal war" for some time.

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Syrian government forces take rebel-held territory near Damascus: SANA, monitors.

Syria's war: 50 killed in ISIL attack in Qamishli. Dozens dead in Syria bomb blast.

Syrian military sent texts to civilians telling them to leave rebel-held Aleppo.

Syrian army says cut off all supply routes into east Aleppo.

Mortar, bombing in Baghdad kill six, including four children.

Iraq: Homes of "convicted terrorists" to be destroyed.

U.N. calls for humanitarian truce in Yemen's Taiz province.

Turkey to shut down dozens of media outlets.

Turkey detains more journalists in clampdown on cleric's followers. Turkey detains more journalists in clampdown on cleric's followers.

Iran state TV retracts report on presidential election date.

Palestinians plan to sue Britain over 1917 Balfour act.


Cambodia says urged ASEAN to avoid words that would 'escalate tension'.

Afghan official says major offensive against ISIS underway.

N. Korea floats propaganda leaflets in river for 1st time. North Korea accuses Seoul of 'cunning plot' to release snakes over border.

Pyongyang, Washington trade blame on sidelines of nuclear peace talks.

China criticizes US, Japan, Australia for 'fanning' tensions.

Vietnam says it prefers bilateral talks with China on SCS.

Kerry talks with new Philippine president critical of US.

Indonesia to execute 14 drug convicts despite protests.

Japan plans $265bn stimulus to ailing economy.

Japan knife attack suspect tells police he feels no remorse.


Mali arrests leader of Islamist group linked to deadly attack on troops.

SADC declares El Nino-induced drought a regional disaster.

Witnesses say South Sudan soldiers raped dozens near UN camp.

Residents: Oil militants attack Lagos suburb, battle police.

Mali arrest senior jihadist linked to military base attack.

Burundi's Imbonerakure youth wing accused of gang rape.

Al-Shabab says suicide bomber was former MP who defected in 2010.

Zimbabwe's Mugabe: ‘Severe’ punishment for loyalists after criticism. Mugabe to meet ex-freedom fighters after scathing attack. Zimbabwe President Mugabe warns dissenting war veterans.

South Africa's ANC likely to lose local vote in major cities: polls.


French ex-commissioner to lead EU Brexit talks, Britain cool on move.

Violent attacks cause serious political fallout in Berlin.

'World at war': pope reacts after priest murdered in France.

French government faces security criticisms after church attack.

French priest’s killer was freed from jail despite aiming to join jihadis. Hostage: Attackers forced my husband to film slain priest.

France's Hollande meets religious leaders amid row over attacks security.

Armenia standoff: Four medics 'taken hostage'.

Kremlin: Russia never interferes into electoral processes in other countries.

Kiev refuses to pay Russian debt because it was 'forced to take the money'.

Controversial Orthodox church procession enters Kyiv. Thousands of Russian Orthodox gather in Kiev despite threats.

EU Commission refrains from fining Spain, Portugal.

Separatist movement in Catalonia escalates battle with Madrid. Catalan government calls confidence vote for separatist president.


Trump urges Russia to find Clinton's 'missing' emails, drawing ire.

Boosting Clinton, Democrats to flag Trump's 'dangerous' approach.

Bill Clinton tells a love story to make his case for Hillary.

US election: Obama tells Democrats to be scared of Trump.

Assange promises to leak ‘a lot more’ materials on US presidential elections.

Freddie Gray case: Charges dropped against remaining officers.

Over 55k Americans injured, killed by US police in just 1 yr – study.

Venezuela opposition angry at recall referendum delays.

Rousseff will not attend Olympic ceremony in Rio de Janeiro.

Field post: 'Honduras has one of the world's highest rates of urban violence'.

Reagan would-be assassin John Hinckley Jr to be released.


'Unprecedented': European govts sold $1.3bn in arms to Middle East, some ended up with ISIS - report.

Spain arrests Moroccan brothers suspected of financing 'Islamic State'.

Nusra Front split from al-Qaeda 'imminent', sources claim.

Putin calls international terrorism 'global threat'.

Russia’s Federal Security Service monitors over 220 potential suicide bombers.


Fed leaves rates unchanged, says risks to outlook reduced.

Coke's sales fall short of expectations on flat volume.

Deutsche Bank profits plummet 98%, CEO warns of further cuts.

Apple sees iPhone sales drop again but beats forecasts.


Si-vis-pasen- said...

But the killing of the Franch priest was in the mane of allah.right?

Jay Farquharson said...

remember May, 2015?

Assad was gonna fall any day now, the "Rainbow Flying Unicorn Free Syrian Army Jefferson and Washington combined Founding Father Islamic Headchopping Jihadi's" were the toast of the West, getting arms and training du jour, the Hotel Jihadi's were getting fete'd, wined and dined, and while the Ildib Offensive, backed by Turkish SLF and artillary, loaded up with US TOW's, was driving deep into Syria, mostly with the help of ISIS and al Nusra, that was the Syrian's problem, not ours.

Funny, how in a year, so much can change.