Monday, July 4, 2016

World News Briefs -- July 4, 2016

CNN: Charred bodies still being pulled from Baghdad bombing that killed 200

(CNN)Nearly two days after a suicide truck bomb ripped through Baghdad, families are still hoping that rescuers searching through the rubble can locate the bodies of their loved ones.

The Saturday night attack on a busy shopping district was the deadliest single incident in the Iraq's war-weary capital in years, killing at least 200 people, Mohamed al-Rubaye‎, the deputy head of the security committee of the Baghdad Provincial Council, said on Afaq TV Monday.

Crews are still on the scene in the Karrada neighborhood where the blast occurred, trying to pull bodies from the devastation.

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Iraq: Baghdad suicide bomb attack dead rises to 165.

After IS defeat, Fallujah victory takes on sectarian tones.

Bomber blows himself up near US consulate in Jeddah.

Kuwait 'foils ISIL attack plot' during Ramadan.

audi air force intercepts ballistic missile.

Israel strikes Syrian military position after spillover fire. Israeli military says attacked two Syrian army targets.

Israel's Netanyahu in Entebbe to mark hostage-rescue anniversary. Israel PM Netanyahu in historic East Africa trip.

Israel angered by Facebook hatred rules.

Erdogan plan to make Syrians citizens sparks online war.

Ayatollah Khamenei says Iran won’t coordinate with US on Syria.


China defiant, Philippines softens as UN court set to rule. . China bans access in South China Sea.

China offers Philippines talks if South China Sea court ignored - China Daily.

China criticizes Japan over 'dangerous' jet scramble.

Bangladesh attack: Attacker and 'hostage' held after assault on Dhaka's Holey Cafe. Dhaka officials say they knew attackers, as details of victims emerge.

Australian candidates woo allies as election deadlock continues. Far-right candidates emerge to fill vacuum after close Australia vote.

U.S. senators warn against further troop cuts in Afghanistan.

US military willing to help amid abductions in south-east Asia: official.

Thirty killed in four days in Philippine war on drugs.

Flooding kills more than 180 people in central and southern China.


Uganda to pull troops out of Somalia as it also exits Central Africa Republic.

Nigeria militants resume attacks on oil pipelines despite truce.

Twitter suspends account of Nigerian militant group Niger Delta Avengers.

In sign of progress, Libya's rival NOC oil companies agree to merge.

Fears of unrest as Guinea Bissau names new military chief.

Aid convoy in Central African Republic finds chaos, hunger and little hope.

Zimbabwe police fire teargas as taxi drivers' protest turns violent.

Kenyan police in court over lawyer Willie Kimani's death. Kenyans protest over alleged extrajudicial killings of trio by police.


UKIP leader Nigel Farage stands down. Anti-EU champion Farage quits after Brexit vote.

Britain to slash corporate tax after Brexit shock.

NATO and Russian leaders to meet after this week's Alliance summit in Warsaw.

Ukraine's parliament speaker says he does not support Minsk Agreements.

Renzi ready to defy Brussels and bail out Italy’s troubled banks.

Greek economic migrants increasing, while joblessness soars.

Finland police hold 6 Cuban volleyball players in rape case.


Fireworks, franks, festivities: Americans mark July Fourth. Red, white and extra blue amid tight security at July 4th parties.

FBI interviews Hillary Clinton over her email use while secretary of State.

Colombians divided on peace deal: poll.

Venezuela leader Nicolas Maduro lifts power rationing.

Rio mayor: State doing a 'terrible, horrible job' before Olympics.

Trudeau says Canada will explore gender-neutral ID cards as he joins gay pride.

Mexico teachers protest: Food airlifts to relieve Oaxaca blockade.


Kerry offers Bangladesh FBI help as police probe attackers' links.

Al Qaeda leader calls for attacks in Somalia & Kenya.

Al Qaeda urges Muslims in India to mount lone wolf attacks.


Stocks dip in Europe amid thin trading, US shut for holiday.

Oil eases as weak demand tempers bullish Saudi energy minister comments.

Gold pushes back towards 2-year high, silver crosses $21/oz.

The 500 tons of gold that show global rise in investor angst.

1 comment:

Aizino Smith said...

These Baghdad bombings are not only immoral they are a mistake.

They will only strengthen resolve of the Shia population.

The retaliation will be ethnic cleansing.

Bombing the cities did not help Hitler during The Blitz. In fact in the short term it ensured the survival of the RAF. In the long term it made the occupation worse. The 1st 2 years of the occupation were not that great. No doubt that contributed to the occupation.

With ethnic cleansing of the Sunni, Obama nor the European leaders will do anything but bleat.

When Obama leaves the presidency and becomes a pundit, he will bleat loudly and self-importantly, safe in the knowledge that no one will call him on it since he has no army.

He never did anything good when he had an army. Be assured talking heads in the MSM will talk sagely about his past accomplishment and gravitas.