Friday, August 5, 2016

A-10 Replacement Recommendations Will Be Made In The Next Few Months

(Photo: Tech. Sgt. Daniel Heaton/US Air Force)

Defense News: Air Force To Make A-10 Replacement Recommendations as Early As Fall

WASHINGTON — The US Air Force is deliberating if and how to replace its close-air support workhorse, the A-10, and may have a better picture of their path forward later this year, the service’s top civilian said Wednesday.

During an interview with Defense News, Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James said she and other top service leaders — such as Chief of Staff Gen. David Goldfein — will be briefed on various options for replacing or augmenting the A-10 Warthog this fall, as the service begins to build its next five-year budget plan.

“Any of these types of possibilities would likely come up in the fall to me and the chief during this planning choices forum. And that's when we would discuss and we could make some recommendations,” which could then flow into the budget cycle, she said.

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WNU Editor: For a bureaucracy that has a reputation of moving very slowly, the Pentagon is really pushing this A-10 rmothball/eplacement plan. In the latest push to retire the A-10, the U.S. Air Force is now having its F-35 pilots explain why the F-35 performs better than the A-10 .... Pilots say F-35 beats out A-10 in new report (Washington Examiner). No mention on how it performs (of course) in Close Air Support

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