Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A Look At How The U.S. Army Prepares For War Against Russia Or China

U.S. military vehicles parading near Russia's border in Narva, Estonia on Feb. 24. (Estonian Defense Forces)

Kris Osborn, National Interest: How the US Army Is Getting Ready for the Unthinkable: War with Russia or China

The Army is developing its weapons, technologies and platforms with a greater emphasis on being ready for great-power, mechanized force-on-force war in order maintain cross-the-board readiness and deter near-peer adversaries from unwanted aggression.

While the service aims to be prepared for any conceivable contingency, to include counterinsurgency, counterterrorism and hybrid-type conflicts, the Army has been shifting its focus from 15-years of counterinsurgency war and pivoting its weapons development toward major-power war.

“We are excellent at counterinsurgency,” Lt. Gen. Michael Williamson, Military Deputy, Assistant Secretary of the Army – Acquisition, Logistics and Technology, told Scout Warrior in an exclusive interview. “We’re developing systems to be prepared for the full range of potential conflict.”

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WNU Editor: As I have said more than once on this site .... any major war with Russia will probably go nuclear within 24 hours (if not sooner). Any war with China will go nuclear .... maybe after a few days of heavy combat.

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