Thursday, August 25, 2016

America's Intelligence Community Feel Uneasy About Trump

Politico: Trump makes intel community queasy

One terrorism expert described the mood about a possible President Trump in the intelligence community as 'fearful.'

Just ahead of his first classified briefing, Donald Trump said he didn't trust the work of America's intelligence agencies.

Well, they don't exactly trust him either.

Interviews over the past several months with current and former intelligence officials and intelligence experts revealed significant trepidation about the notion of a Trump presidency — an uneasiness that the Republican nominee’s latest comments are likely to exacerbate.

Several sources cited Trump's unpredictability, his harsh rhetoric about Muslims, his vocal support for torture and his suggestions that he'd go after terror suspects' families as causes of concern, even among the most hawkish elements of the intelligence world.

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WNU Editor: Donald Trump also does not trust them .... Trump: I don't trust U.S. intelligence information (Politico). But in all fairness, the U.S. intelligence community has always had a problem with Presidents .... including with the current occupant.

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