Friday, August 5, 2016

Australia Is #3 On The Islamic State's 'Hit List'

Up to 20,000 members of Islamic State are believed to be foreigners, with up to 3,400 of these from Western nations- including an approximated 100 from Australia

ABC News Online: Australia is Islamic State's third top target in the West, US committee says

Australia has been ranked as Islamic State's (IS) third-top target among Western countries in a report from an influential Congressional committee in the United States.

The ranking — determined by the number of IS-linked plots per country — put Australia behind USA and France, tying with the UK on eight attacks.

The attacks were among 101 incidents identified as being linked to IS since 2014.

Justice Minister Michael Keenan said the report was not surprising.

Speaking to reporters in Adelaide, Mr Keenan said that it "confirms what we already know".

"We know that ISIL has been targeting Australia for some time and we've been very aware of the challenges that that poses," he said.

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Update #1: Australia ranked third on the ISIS 'hit list'... as global security report warns of 'unprecedented wave of terror' (Daily Mail)
Update #2: Australia ranked third equal on Islamic State hit list (The Australian)

WNU Editor: Not surprising .... many Australians have joined the Islamic State over the years .... Crucifixions and a $50 living allowance: Aussie who joined ISIS reveals what life is REALLY like in Syria after defecting because he didn't like Westerners being executed (Daily Mail).

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