Thursday, August 11, 2016

Canadian Warship On NATO Mission Hit By Outbreak Of Hand, Foot And Mouth Disease

Some 20 sailors aboard the frigate HMCS Charlottetown have been hit by an outbreak of hand, foot and mouth disease. (ANDREW VAUGHAN / THE CANADIAN PRESS FILE PHOTO)

Toronto Star: Canadian warship hit by outbreak of hand, foot and mouth disease

Canadian warship on NATO mission suffers outbreak of hand, foot and mouth disease affecting 20 sailors.

OTTAWA—A Canadian warship deployed at sea on a NATO mission has been hit by an outbreak of hand, foot and mouth disease, the Star has learned.

Some 20 sailors aboard HMCS Charlottetown came down with the contagious disease in recent days, which can cause painful sores and lesions on the tongue and gums as well as on hands and feet.

A military spokesperson confirmed the outbreak and said that personnel were being treated to ease the symptoms of hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD).

“Members with HFMD on board HMCS Charlottetown are being treated to help alleviate their symptoms as required,” Capt. Nicola LaMarre told the Star.

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WNU Editor: Memo to the rest of the crew .... you better your wash your hands.

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Aizino Smith said...


You are wrong.

It goes beyond hand washing. You learn this in chemistry class. You will try so hard in chemistry class not to scratch your face or something but even professionals do.

You can wash your hands before eating and after each visit to the loo.

That is 1/2 the battle. The problem is the doorknobs, keyboards and HANDRAILS.

Those are probably been given a a cursory spray and wipe.

Ever touched a handrail that was sopping wet with sweat and body oil from a major fraction of a hundred or a thousand people using them?

I always wanted to go on a luxury line like the Normandy. My appetite wanes with each norovirus outbreak in the news on a Carnival cruise ship or similar ship. Maybe a trip to Cozumel would be worth it for the archaeology or other aspect.

Could be worse. It could be a pink eye epidemic. If it was worse, they could lose their sight.