Saturday, August 27, 2016

Diplomatic Historians: The $400 Million U.S. Payment (In Cash) To Iran Is Unprecedented

Times of Israel: Obama’s $400m cash payout to Iran is unprecedented, say legal experts

No other transaction in US history has involved a planeload of bills, say diplomatic historians, raising questions about payment timed to help free prisoners

WASHINGTON (AP) — A $400 million cash delivery to Iran to repay a decades-old arbitration claim may be unprecedented in recent US history, according to legal experts and diplomatic historians, raising further questions about a payment timed to help free four American prisoners in Iran.

The money was sent to Iran on Jan. 17, the same day Iran agreed to release the prisoners. The Obama administration claimed for months the events were separate, but recently acknowledged the cash was used as leverage until the Americans were allowed to leave Iran. Only then, did the US allow a plane with euros, Swiss francs and other foreign currency loaded on pallets to take off in the other direction for Tehran.

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WNU editor: I worked in the diplomatic world for the better part of a decade .... and I have been on top of what is happening in the world of diplomacy since then. And I have never read or heard of a case where one government sent to another government pallets of cash to settle a dispute. Small amounts yes .... but not $400 million.

Update #1: The story on how the U.S. paid Iran gets even better .... Riddle of $1.3 Billion for Iran Might Relate to 13 Outlays Of Exactly $99,999,999.99 (Claudia Rosett, New York Sun). As for the country that help facilitate this transaction .... no one is talking .... White House won't out country that facilitated Iran payment (Washington Examiner).

Update #2: Hmmm .... is there a linkage to this story .... Who Would Send $20 Billion In Euros (In Cash) To Moscow And Just Leave It In A Warehouse? (September 30, 2013).


Jay Farquharson said...

Guess nobody ever heard of Iran-Contra.

RussInSoCal said...

You'd think the side that was the most sanctimonious and horrified over the whole Iran-contra/arms-for-hostages deal would be more careful to avoid doing exactly the same thing. But the arms in this case are nuclear ones.

Jay Farquharson said...

No nukes involved. Try again.

And of course, like the crack epidemic was a byproduct of Iran-Contra, the opioid epidemic is a byproduct of Bush- Cheney.


Aizino Smith said...

The Contras fought hard enough to get the dictator for life, Ortega, out of office for a few years.

Fewer roadblocks from congress and more direct support might have evicted Ortega and his for the people & 'so called' communists from their stolen million dollar haciendas

jimbrown said...

The best part is the clinton foundation handled the transaction management for only 10%, much cheaper than their usual 85%. Bill even volunteered to count the money. What a mensch.