Thursday, August 4, 2016

Egyptian Air Strike Has Killed The Islamic State Leader In Sinai

Nov. 1, 2015: Military investigators from Russia stand near the debris of a Russian airliner at the site of its crash at the Hassana area in Arish city, northern Egypt. (Reuters)

BBC: Egypt 'kills head of Islamic State's Sinai branch'

The Egyptian military says it has killed the head of the Sinai branch of so-called Islamic State (IS), along with dozens of its fighters.

It said Abu Duaa al-Ansari was killed in a series of air strikes on fighters of the Sinai Province - or Ansar Beit al-Maqdis - group.

The air strikes targeted jihadist strongholds near the town of El-Arish.

Sinai Province is Egypt's most active insurgent group and has been linked to deadly attacks in Sinai and Cairo.

The Egyptian military said: "The raids left more than 45 terrorists killed, dozens of others injured and several arms caches destroyed."

Brig-Gen Mohammed Samir said in a posting on Facebook that Ansari was killed in an operation guided by "accurate intelligence".

The posting did not say when the operation was carried out.

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