Monday, August 1, 2016

How Would A President Clinton Handle Russia, China, International Trade, And Guantanamo Bay?

U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. (Reuters/Jim Young) / Reuters

USA Today/Global Post: How would a President Clinton handle Russia, China, Guantanamo Bay?

Her fans say she evolves, rejecting and embracing logical foreign policy initiatives based on the context at the time. Her critics say she shifts her positions based on political convenience.

Regardless, First Lady Hillary Clinton is different from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and neither are the same as candidate Hillary Clinton. And a President Hillary Clinton? That remains to be seen.

And so we'd thought we'd ask the experts: How would a President Clinton handle some of the top challenges facing the U.S. abroad?

“In general, Hillary Clinton is going to be tougher on foreign policy than President Barack Obama,” says Demetri Sevastopulo, who writes about Moscow-Washington relations for the Financial Times.

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WNU editor: On China .... Hillary Clinton will maintain the status quo .... which in my humble opinion favours China. On trade .... she is saying that she will not sign the TTP agreement .... but I am sceptical. In the past she has always embraced these trade deals, and I am willing to bet that she will continue this policy. On Russia .... the issue is complicated. She burned her bridges to Putin when she compared Putin to Hitler .... Are The DNC Email Leaks Russian President Putin's Revenge Against Hillary Clinton For Comparing Him To Hitler 2 Years Ago? (July 26, 2016), and Putin has made his opinion on her very well known .... Russian President Putin Comments On Hillary Clinton (June 5, 2014). I expect relations with Russia to worsen under Hillary Clinton. As to Guantanamo prison .... I do not think she cares whether it is open or closed .... but she will listen to public opinion.

WNU Editor: AP has more on the Hillary - Putin relationship .... Russian TV reveals Kremlin's thoughts on Clinton (CBS/AP).


TWN said...

Relations with any country will depend on how much money they donate to the Clinton Foundation.Am I too cynical?

RRH said...

If Clinton is elected, relations with Canada will involve the incipid idol worship Democrat U.S. Presidents have become acustomed to receiving from Canadians.

Just what America needs; more dummies.

Clinton or Trump is no choice at all. Open wide, close your eyes, cock the

TWN said...

I go for coffee every morning and everyone there can't stand the thing, so not all Canadians are stupid. But were a small group.

fred lapides said...

Twn. no not cynical snarky

B.Poster said...


"Clinton or Trump no choice at all." I'm not sure that's true. 1.)From the selection by Mr. Trump of his top advisors from men like Paul Manafort and Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn appears to indicate a concerted and sincere desire on the part of Mr. Trump to improve relations with Russia. These men are said to have close ties to Russian leaders and their allies. This combined with his statements on Crimea and pointing out how much better it would be if he we had better relations with some of these countries appear to be additional evidence of his intentions to seek better relations with Russia. TO ACCOMPLISH MUCH OUR INTERESTS WE ARE GOING TO NEED RUSSIAN ASSISTANCE!! In my opinion, he needs to go further such as stating he is going to actively work to bust sanctions on Russia. In contrast, Hiliary seems he!l bent on acting to increase tensions between the US and Russia. (She seems to be an insane psychpath. I've said it before.) 2.) Mr. Trump has recognized the need for border security and better vetting immigrants (at least in word). The fact that he's alienated a number of people in this process who could have assisted him seems to provide some evidence he's not backing down. In contrast Hiliary appears to want more unfettered immigration from places like Syria regardless of a vetting process or not and she doesn't seem to have backed down from this. 3.) He's perhaps spent more time than any of the other candidates pointing out the problem of over regulation. On the other hand Hiliary's party embraces the myth of human caused climate change.

While reason 1 would be sufficient reason to vote Trump over Clinton, the others would be valid. Now this doesn't mean Trump is a "good" candidate under his presidency there is a fighting chance of real cbange for the better. Under Clinton there would seem no chance of improvment.