Wednesday, August 3, 2016

If Donald Trump Is Unfit For Office, Should President Obama Cancel His Intelligence Briefings?

Donald Trump. Reuters

Jeffrey Lewis, Foreign Policy: Obama Should Cancel Trump’s Intelligence Briefings

If the Republican candidate is unfit for office, he’s unfit to receive classified information – unless he signs a non-disclosure agreement.

Now that the Republican and Democratic conventions are over, it’s time for a quaint American tradition to begin. If it hasn’t already, the U.S. intelligence community will soon reach out to the campaigns of the two major candidates to schedule intelligence briefings. In most years, the tradition draws scant attention. This isn’t, however, most years.

The notion of giving Donald Trump access to classified information seems, well, unwise. Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) went so far as to suggest that Trump be given a fake briefing. For his part, the real estate tycoon has suggested Hillary Clinton should be the one denied a briefing, claiming that “she is a lose [sic] cannon with extraordinarily bad judgement & insticts [sic].”

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WNU Editor: Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have probably been receiving their intelligence briefings since the weekend. Hmmmm .... receive intelligence briefings, and a day or two later we now have this story .... On The Same Day That 4 Americans Were Released By Iran, The U.S. Sent $400 Million In Cash To Tehran. They say that the source for this breaking news story is from European and Congressional officials .... but they are on vacation now .... and who are these sources?


Nicolas Darkwater said...

Yes, we've seen Hillary's attitude about classified information. That worked out well.

Matthew Dupuis said...

I had three (3) routine psych evaluations during my time as a state correctional officer and transport officer, simply to determine if I was fit for the job being offered... How many has Trump had?