Friday, August 26, 2016

Is The Pentagon An Easy Terror Target?


Politico: Pentagon fails to convince Congress it's an easy terror target

The Defense Department has asked for $12 million to build a new employee screening facility at the entrance above the Pentagon Metro station. But Congress says it has not made a compelling case.

The Pentagon says it worries a terrorist could slip right through its front door. But Congress isn't buying it yet.

The Defense Department has quietly asked Congress this year for $12 million to build a new employee screening facility at what it calls the Pentagon's "most heavily used and vulnerable entrance,” above the Washington Metro subway. Security procedures there are "antiquated, inadequate and substandard," the department says — and pose undue risk to employees and security officers from an attempted incursion.

But Senate Armed Services Chairman John McCain, long known for stymieing even relatively small military expenditures, says the Pentagon has not made a compelling case for the project, which would begin next year and be completed in 2019. And the Arizona Republican has persuaded the Senate to withhold funding for the project.

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WNU Editor: You would think that 15 years after 9/11 this would not be an issue .... that these security upgrades would have been installed within a year after the attacks. More proof on how slow Washington is when it comes to respond to anything .... including its own security.

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