Sunday, August 7, 2016

Is Russia Creating Bionic Superhuman Soldiers With Brain Implants?

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Sputnik: Pentagon Claims Russia Creating Bionic Superhuman Soldiers With Brain Implants

Turns out that the Pentagon appears to be speaking about programs they have sanctioned under DARPA in addition to similar efforts by the British military which have pretty close to nothing to do with Russia.

Top American military officials claim that Moscow is working to create “enhanced human operations” technology they say "scares the crap" out of them with the specter of stronger, faster, and more deadly super soldiers on the horizon according to the latest musings from the Pentagon.

In the bid to develop a superior fighting force, most countries are looking to weapons based around robotics, lasers and exoskeletons to create a real-life Iron Man, but the US military officials, perhaps in a bout of propaganda, suggest that Russia is focused on also augmenting human biology – think more X-Men than Iron Man – in order to create the most deadly fighting force in the world.

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WNU Editor: I have trouble believing this story .... but I have been reading developments and posting these stories on this blog for years, and it is not the Russians who are dong it .... it is the U.S..

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Jac said...

That's remind me so much cold war: " We are inferior and we are going to lose, please, Congress, give us the money for being just equal"
Nothing new under the sun.