Friday, August 26, 2016

Is Russia's New Military Helicopter Immune To Enemy Fire?

© Ivan Rudnev / Sputnik

IBTimes: Russia's New Military Helicopter Is Faster, Tougher: Mi-28H Night Hunter Is 'Virtually Invulnerable To Enemy Fire'

Russia's latest military helicopter model will include active defense systems to deflect all existing heat-seeking missiles and circular-view radar, according to Russia state media reports. The upgraded Mi-28H “Night Hunter” helicopter gunship "will be virtually invulnerable to enemy fire," Sputnik News reported Friday.

The model will look similar to its predecessor, but the so-called “Super Hunter” stands out in that it will feature advanced active defense systems, including a circular-view radar previously installed on export models only. A laser system will fend off all existing heat-seeking missiles. The aircraft's maximum speed of 340 kilometers per hour will increase by 10 percent.

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Update: Russia’s 'Night Hunter' Helicopter Gunship to Become Immune to Enemy Fire (Sputnik)

WNU Editor: I disagree .... nothing can stay immune from enemy fire .... a weakness will be found.

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