Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Is The U.S. - Russian 'Spy-War' Heating Up?

BBC: Edward Snowden: Russia probably behind NSA leak

The whistleblower Edward Snowden believes Russia is behind a leak of malware allegedly belonging to the US National Security Agency (NSA).

Hackers calling themselves Shadow Brokers started an auction for the malware last week.

The security firm Kaspersky said it believed the original files were from Equation Group, which is thought to be linked to the NSA.

A former NSA worker Dave Aitel pointed the finger at Russian involvement.

He said it was likely to be a diplomatic strategy, related to the blame being placed on Russia for a recently revealed hack of computers belonging to the Democratic party in the US.

Mr Snowden tweeted on Tuesday: "This leak is likely a warning that someone can prove US responsibility for any attacks that originated from this malware server."

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WNU Editor: Apparently these leaks are causing panic within the NSA .... NSA files compromised in Equation Group hack; former agency employees say leak is legitimate: report (Washington Times). More here .... Ex-NSA insiders: There's 'a lot of panic' over what's been exposed by this massive hack (Business Insider)

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Daniel said...

So where does Snowden say it's Russia? I seem to have missed it. You could say it is strongly implied but he is being purposefully cagey and open to interpretation (unless I did miss something).

War News Updates Editor said...

Correct Daniel .... Snowden is being careful. His only reference to Russia is here ....

Daniel said...

Very - conventional wisdom can be wrong, circumstantial evidence is not enough. But he does speak out against his hosts slightly more than he used to these days.