Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Islamic State Explains Why They 'Hate Us'

IBTimes: Isis explains their hatred of Western society in latest Dabiq propaganda magazine

One section of the magazine is reportedly dedicated to remarks made by the Pope.

Islamic State (Isis) has published the 15th edition of its propaganda magazine Dabiq on 31 July. The journal reportedly comes full with fresh articles touting the extremist groups' radical views. Titled as "Break The Cross", the periodical even has a piece regarding the remarks made by Pope Francis, named as "In the Words of Our Enemies".

The content of the latest edition of the propaganda magazine is aimed at mocking those attempting to fire back against the misconceptions about Islam and promoting it as a religion of peace, Fox News reported.

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Update #1: ISIS details 'Why We Hate You' in new magazine (FOX News)
Update #2: READ: New ISIS Magazine ‘Break the Cross’ Celebrates Orlando, Nice, & More (Heavy.com)

WNU Editor: Pope Francis says that the current conflict has nothing to do with religion .... Pope Francis Says World Is at War, but It’s Not a Religious Conflict (New York Times) .... but in their latest edition of their propaganda magazine, the Islamic State is saying the exact opposite. So who is right?


Daniel said...

Both. They use different meanings of "religious conflict". Francis: it is not a conflict of legitimate religious confessions but of good vs. evil; IS: it is a conflict of our sole legitimate religious confession against all others, which are false. They're both waging propaganda wars aimed at mostly non-overlapping groups (the only overlap is among the kind of Muslims whose ears are open to both IS and Pope Francis, and I doubt those miserable, confused people are a priority for anyone).

Aizino Smith said...

ISIS is a legitimate religious confession.

It is an accurate interpretation of Islam.

ISIS are straight talking barbarians.

Francis is a 5th columnist engaging in sophistry like the insipid, passive-aggressive weasel he is.

Francis is evil just like ISIS is evil.