Monday, August 8, 2016

It Was A Russian Drone (Not Hezbollah) That Crossed Into Israel

Illustrative photo of a UAV, June 2010. (Ofer Zidon/Flash90)

Times of Israel: Russia, not Hezbollah, sent drone into Israel — report

Three weeks after IDF failed to bring down UAV that crossed over from Syria, Moscow officials acknowledge it was theirs.

The drone that crossed into northern Israel last month belonged to Russia — not Hezbollah, as was initially suspected — the Haaretz newspaper reported Sunday.

The unmanned aerial vehicle entered Israeli airspace from Syria on July 17. The Israel Defense Forces attempted to shoot down the aircraft three times, but failed.

Israel’s security services initially suspected the Lebanon-based terrorist group Hezbollah was responsible for the breach; however, Russian officials admitted to their Israeli counterparts that the drone was, in fact, theirs, the newspaper reported.

While the Russian officials claimed the incident was the result of “human error,” it is possible the Russian military was testing Israel’s aerial defense capabilities.

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WNU Editor: Drones do not cross a border and then fly back because of an error .... especially in a conflict zone. They were testing Israeli defenses.


Anonymous said...

(For whom? Themselves, or the Syrians?)

War News Updates Editor said...

I would say it was for them (Russians)

B.Poster said...

I would say both of them as well. Actually I suspected this from the start that it was probably the Russians. They are the best in the world at this sort of thing. It seems unlikely anyone else would have been able to penetrate Israeli air defenses in this manner.